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At the bash held in honor of her, Paris wore a heavily embellished Rocky S dress. What’s to say… It was short, it was blingy and the pose-a-minute Paris seemed to love being in it! You like?

Paris Hilton At The Bash Held In Honor Of Her

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She is definetly in her cofort zoen with that dress….

    I have always felt she reminds me of Kareena Kapoor…same face structure…same confident sassy pose…

    • I completely agree she has ALWAYS reminded me of Paris Hilton… spoilt, self absorbed, rich lol and also the same face structure lol jk kind of.

  2. You clearly don’t like Paris Hilton. But it seems as though this interferes with your abilities to judge her choice of clothes. Don’t you think it is your responsibility as fashion bloggers to offer an unbiased opinion which is based on her clothes alone?

    • Bozo, completely agree with you !

      I hate Paris Hilton and for that matter abt 30% of the people featured on this blog irritate me to the core….

      But this is a fasion website! If it is not possible to offer unbiased opinion, then why feature her? Even Bipasha’s romper was short & blingy but she got a completely different write up….

      Was “pose a minute” really necessary ?

    • So true.. I love her here..

      She looks awesome and really hot..

      It was matchy-matchy, but there’s no better way to wear it.. Couldn’t expect her to wear black pumps now could we?

    • P&P are solidly biased. Sonam could wear a bag and they would be gushing over it!

      Who cares about how trashy Paris really is or how much she poses, no one is looking for a life partner on a fashion blog! HA!

      Her dress is HOT and she has a banging body, she is looking VA-VA-VOOM

      • P&P haven’t actually stated anything negative about this look and yet everyone is accusing them of being biased. Just because they stated in a previous comment that they aren’t fans of her doesn’t mean that they said anything negative about her in this post! She is clearly worthy of the “pose a minute” title!

        As for biased what I find REALLY FUNNY is that Paris is 30 yrs old (1981) and yet no one is saying she should dress older, stop trying so hard to look young, dressing like a teenager, mutton dressed as a lamb etc while for so many other older actresses in Bollywood the negative comments would have outweighed the positive. Why are we always so much harsher on “our own” celebrities in comparison to Hollywood ones? It makes me sick!

        • A 30 year old can’t wear a short blingy dress? Seriously?!

          We’re all for folks dressing as old as they “feel”, fashion is a state of mind !

          The bloggers trashed paris in the previous post not this one, not sure if you have reference to context.

  3. Am I the only one who sees that it’s lingerie dipped in glitter? Not appropriate for a public appearance. If I remember correctly it was she who said something along the lines of “if you have a beautiful face you don’t need to uncover your body”. Guess she’s not confident in her facial beauty after all…


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