In Payal Khandwala

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The Global Teacher Prize was awarded this past weekend in Dubai and in attendance amongst the many celebs was Parineeti Chopra wearing Payal Khandwala separate. While she looked great, considering other ladies wore gowns the formal gala, Parineeti’s look felt a tad casual.


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  1. I think she looks good though. Not sure what the other celebs were wearing, but this looks pretty event-appropriate to me. And the last bonus pic <3

  2. After a veryy long time, Pari looks her radiant self. I lurveee that white top ! The bottoms are between culottes length and ankle length one but now that I come to think of it, longer would have looked weird in that print and shorter (culotte) would have looked ridiculous. The current length is perfect. Love her eye-makeup, jewelery and hairdo! Also like the way she is posing. Very calm!

  3. She looks great. But I completely agree with you, when I saw Salma Hayek pics, etc., from the event…it was clear she is actually pretty under dressed for the event and looked out of place.

  4. Finally the Pari we love. The bubbly vivacious chick full of spunk. She looks slim stylish and confident. And not a clone of other actresses of her generation. Ppl don’t have to look like they are attending the Oscars everyday. Her outfit is formal enough.

  5. Who decided what is under or over dressed. Why should we conform to what international celebrities wear. I think she looks event appropriate and fab. Had she been wearing a gown and the rest been more casual , she would have been criticised by our own people. It’s high time we make our own rules.

    • Exactly. You said it! The fact that she looks so polished and elegant for a red carpet look is enough. Guess P&P only like gowns over red carpet.


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