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Parineeti was the guest of honor at the India Day Parade in NYC to which she wore a blue Manish Malhotra two-toned maxi with jewellery from Curio Cottage. Given that part of her day included being in a float during the day, the maxi seemed a perfect fit. Comfy, desi and not too gaudy.


Parineeti Chopra in NYC
For India Day Parade

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  1. I’m not a fan of how she looks anymore. She looks like all the rest now. Nothing unique or interesting about her anymore. I used to look forward to seeing her but now she’s just blah. It’s a shame.

  2. Wow!! She looks sooo fit here. I must add, even in her last appearance at the airport, where she was compared against alia bhatt, for the airport look, she did look a lot fitter than the latter. She has lost oodles of weight and it shows! Guess she really did walk all those weight loss talk.

    Coming back, she looks stunning. Colour of her skirt especially is lovely. She did just the right thing by adding “haath phool” for it really complements the feel of the maxi overall. Love the lip colour. Being fit has upped her game!

  3. I really like this dress (although I wish it was blue all the way without the second tone).
    It is blue (which is sort of our de-facto national colour) and like you said, it is desi enough without being an OTT, Indian stereotype tack-fest. So relaxed and yet structured. Love!


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