Abhishek and Aishwarya at Chime For Change Concert

The Chime For Change campaign kicked off with a concert today with many singers taking part and many celebs in attendance offering their support to the initiative for women’s empowerment.

In addition to Freida, Abhishek and Aishwarya were also in attendance with the former in a suit and the latter in an all black look. At first glance, I was amazed by how great she looked. But, the more I look at the outfit the more I find the blazer not fitting in with the rest of the look that screams rock chick.

Just me?


Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at Chime For Change Concert

Photo Credit: Daylife

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In Gucci

Freida attended the Chime For Change concert wearing Gucci head to toe, which isn’t a surprise as the concert was founded by the brand.

As you can see in the pics, she was spotted once with a single necklace and then in another with two but since she was also seen switching to pumps, the former is the look that is probably what she arrived in. She looked fab!


Freida Pinto at Chime For Change Concert

Photo Credit: Daylife

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In Shantanu and Nikhil

When Shruti tweeted a pic of herself in the Shantanu and Nikhil, wonder if she knew that her co-star Anjali was also going to be in one. Both the leading ladies of attended the audio launch of Balupu wearing draped jersey saris from their recent Fall collection, albeit modern versions with Shruti’s being over pants and Anjali’s a skirt.

Am gonna give this one to Anjali, hers felt a more finished out look. You?


Shruti Haasan and Anjali at Balupu Audio Launch


Shruti Haasan and Anjali at Balupu Audio Launch

Photo Credit: Raagalahari

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Kajol On Harper’s Bazaar: (Un)Covered

It’s not often you see Kajol on a fashion cover and while we’re excited to see her on one, not really feeling the jersey Just Cavalli gown on her.

Would’ve much rather seen the gold custom Thampi on the cover (in a different pose, of course). What say you?


Kajol On Harper’s Bazaar June 2013


In Nikhil Thampi

Photo Credit: Style, Twitter

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In Balmain

Props to Richa for attempting the dress but not all dresses are made equal and neither are they always matched to the just right woman for the dress. The altered for off-the-runway dress needed some serious chutzpah which Ms. Chadda seems to be missing in the pictures we have; the Balmain could pass for Bebe and that’s never a good a sign.

Different shoes, straight, slick hair (versus the soft wave blow-out), different make-up (think nude palette and only smokey, dark eyes) is what the dress needed. As it stands, this would have to be a ‘Not Quite‘!


Left: Balmain, Fall 2009
Right: Richa Chadda At Fukrey Bash

Photo Credit: Viral BHayani

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