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With regard to recent slew of comments and about certain comments getting approved and others not….

We get a lot of comments, almost all very opinionated but few very unpleasant. We cringe when we read comments about certain ‘celebs’ giving off vibes as being skanky. A look may be skanky, calling a person s***ty isn’t okay! Or when declarations are made about living off of wealthy husbands, not cool either!

Or when rants happen about fat arms, ‘tonds’ and weight issues. There is ‘too thin’ and ‘need to get thin’ rant. And then people wonder why there are such weight related anxieties among the women today… You can comment on/about clothes that are on the wrong body type but making comments on the body type itself isn’t pleasant. Declaring their faces as ‘ugly’ isn’t cool either. Shoes, yes. Faces, no.

We don’t quite get the elitist type of comments either that declare for instance, they don’t care what Nandita Das wears because she is so intelligent/intellectual/smart etc. I doubt any other actress is less smart/accomplished because she chooses to do commercial cinema or dress in a glam’ed up outfit…

Also, since a lot of Bollywood celebs are featured on the site, it is easy to play into gossip but lets not.

Finally, no one is questioning the kind of people all these celebrities/socialites are. Am sure most of them are fun/sweet/intelligent/charismatic and other such superlatives in their own way… Neither do we know all of them personally, therefore are always careful never to pass judgement on their personal lives, personalities etc in our posts unless unwittingly done… But this IS a fashion blog and so judgement will be passed on the superficial, as trivial as that may be.

Judgement will be passed on fashion and style, good or bad, not on people, their professions or personalities but purely on what they chose to be in the moment they were photographed.

High Heel. High drama.


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  1. Thanks. High drama indeed

    Though it is really hard to comment on just clothes.. blindly without looking at who is wearing and how they are wearing it… i mean body type and all.
    I know some comments can be bit harsh..& it is quite annoying to see these nobodies with no style.. ruining such expensive clothes.. with their tacky styling.

    as you can tell i am addict of your blog and love checking it out whenever i can.
    You guys must be on it all the time
    Good luck:)

  2. thanks i think some people needed that. I too think there is enough anxieties about weight, colour, class etc without us blatantly bringing it open to criticism. I wander how we would feel if it was our pic people were commenting on.

  3. You ladies are no fun at all :(
    He he but I guess we bloggers do get a bit carried away at times ;)
    But kya karen…all these Indian celebrities…..so much money, so little style (Eye roll)

  4. I love this blog, and I love you guys for taking care of it and creating it in the first place. That being said, I despise censorship (even to preserve morality) even more than I despise ugly clothes and ugly shoes. I completley understand and relate to most of your commentary. Indeed, we should not comment on people being fat or ugly, because doing so is just plain rude. However, I do have to say that these people are celebrities and they pose for pictures because they WANT to be talked about. This may be a fashion blog, but saying that people’s personalities should not come into play seems to be (in my humble opinion) a bit ridiculous because a good outfit (or any outfit for that matter) should be built on personality and shoud reflect the wearers personality as well. There are people who can carry anything off BECAUSE of their personality. As for the elititst comments, I agree that doing arthouse cinema does not reflect intelligence. It’s quite the opposite really, those who are rich and powerful in the industry are in Commerical Cinema (it’s called commercial for a reason). I do believe, however, that people who chose to do quality films with an aim of bettering society should garner more respect than people who do movies for fame and fourtune. As Deepa Mehta has said, commercial Bollywood cinema has a tendency to portay everything except a real India. Fashion, as portrayed on a person in an event, is not something so simple that it can be judged within a time bracket of seconds.
    Bitchy comments are not cool, but I think we should have a right to say whatever we want. People should have enought self-respect to limit themselves to what is right, but if they don’t woe to them. They should have the right have that woe.
    Sorry for the super-long comment, but this stuff riles me up- must be election fever (ha, as you can tell, I’m very liberal, and the Indian Censorship Board pisses me off like nothing else)
    I sincerely hope that this comment won’t be deleted.
    xo pdaervo

  5. Oh come on, a little gossip won’t kill anyone, and about body type, well we have to share our view on that and tell the wearer of certain type of clothing to stay away from those designs but not every body type can handel complicated designs, so I think the stars should be happy to read abotu our views on what suits them and what does not, I think its help, its kind of a therapy, its free advise, I wish I had someone tell me what to wear and not to wear but IN SUGUAR COATED words and nothing too harsh..i always give my medicine in suguar coated words as well, i don’t call them fat I call them healthy, I don’t call them skinny I call them a little faded, I don’t call them dark skin I call them tan, I don’t call them ugly I call them ..hum now i don’t know how to suguar coad Ugly

  6. LOL @ above comment.

    Just wanted to say good for you – totally agree with all your sentiments here. It’s one thing to criticize something completely wrong for that body shape but making fun of the body of that person is not cool. HH Confidential is looking at the clothes not the people and while it IS hard to separate the two sometimes they have always done it with great wit and sensitivity.

  7. @pdaervo
    You really do make a very cogent argument. Infact one of the things that I love about this blog is that it has some really articulate readers (and P&P themselves are very good with the words).
    But I think that the very nature of this blog is what makes it so important to have censorship. Also its the internet, where nameless people engage in mud-slinging much more easily than they would ever do in real life to a real person…heck who is to know thats its “you”? We take cover behind our anonymity and naturally tend to get a little carried away with our comments…and what is a fashion commentary can very very quickly degenrate into trashy gossip-mongering!
    So I guess in way its like being between a rock and a hard place. Do you allow comments on personality that undoubtedly enhance/ruin the appearance of an outfit on a person, but at the same time can be extremely slanderous and downright nasty. And frankly “personal responsibility” just ain’t gonna work on the internet!!

  8. Honestly, like pdaervo said, it is plain rude to call someone fat and ugly, but it is also the celebs who are putting themselves out there to be talked about…more like bashed. Other than that, I agree with Aarthi as well,we can get carried away, and this fashion blog is the first of its kind. I mean really, to have these girls (P&P) do what they’re doing is not something I even see the editor of ‘Vogue India’ doing. It’s fun, its fresh, and most importantly, its very classy, which is something very hard to find in blogs these days. :)

  9. Priyanka, I really support this stand of yours.Some people do take too much advantage of their anonymity and can be extra rude than they would be in real life. One good check for one’s own self is that one should not write stuff in virtual world what they cannot say in real world. Your blog is a lot of fun but I respect your views more now.

  10. well done PnP. While I believe in freedom of speech, u guys also have the freedom to moderate what gets submitted on YOUR blog. i suppose readers should respect that.

    also, just because people have the facade of anonymity here, they feel free to post rude comments over celebs. yes, sometimes most celebs make what is a wrong sartorial choice in our eyes. but they still have the right to wear what they want.

    the very same people who will criticize what celebrity XYZ wore to an event will fawn all over that celebrity were they to run into that person at that event.

  11. Honestly if a celebrity is being paid to look good then shouldn’t they be maintaining themselves? Moreover, weren’t you guys the ones that comment on Priyanka Chopra’s “tond” while she looks on average fairly thin? To be more specific, your December 11th post: Too bad for Priyanka, her “tond” always steals the limelight! (http://www.highheelconfidential.com/twenty-years-of-style/) And you guys did call her piggy chops before (http://www.highheelconfidential.com/piggy-chops-and-then-some/). I’m not trying to be a pain in the ass and say that you’re being mean…I just think that a lot of times in order critique outfits; you need to keep in mind body type.

    I just think it’s hypocritical because if you can make the argument of a person’s body type is not to be judged– then with that same argument their taste in clothing should not to be judged either. Who are we to decide whether certain pair of shoes are better than another on someone—afterall shouldn’t fashion reflect individual taste (good or bad) and how comfortable someone feels in it?

    Just playing the devil’s advocate here—I truly am a fan of this site and I do think some people wear hideous clothes, but I’m also not the one calling them out or throwing a fit. I think if people post rude comments then it reflects their lack of taste and class and most people are going to disregard it. If we’re going to be all “every body type is beautiful so let’s not comment” then we should also be “let people wear whatever makes them feel beautiful”. I do agree people need to sensitive and respectful for different body types, but that should come from within—censoring them is not the answer.

  12. Again.
    June 29th, 2008 at 4:18 am . by payal

    Loved it better then or love it now? “Fashion” seems to have made sure she got rid of her “tond”!

    that was a post by Payal from HHC.. But I agree, lets not be vicious now that we’ve realized its unproductive.

  13. Sonali, Anita

    The ‘tond’ reference was made in reference to her clothes being so ill-fitting. Should have perhaps been more explicit. As for the ‘piggy chops’ reference, thought that was an industry nick’ for her?

    And as for the movie ‘Fashion’ ridding Priyanka of her ‘tond’, that was just saucily acknowledging Miss Chopra’s speedy weight-loss.

    As for judging a person’s body type, its one thing to say, ‘she has heavier arms so need to wear this’ versus ‘throwing a fit’ over the arms being out in the open.

    When we first started blogging, we said/did all those things too, way too harsh…but as the blog has evolved, so have we.

    Yes, fashion is about what works for ‘you’. What makes one happy. As is with most things.

  14. Completely agree with Sonali. In fact, I learned the MEANING of the word ‘tond’ after I first read some of your posts on Priyanka Chopra. (I used to think it rhymed with POND :) until a friend corrected me.)

  15. Piggy chops by no means is a flattering nickname and regardless of who created it, by repeating it once more isn’t it only encouraging the use of it?

    That being said, I do agree with Priya that this is YOUR blog and if this is what you want, I hope all your readers comply. And contrary to what it may sound like, I DO agree that people should be less judgemental over other individual’s body types.

  16. OK, it turns out I need the same lead time. As my comments evolve, so will I. Promise.

    On a more serious note, given the chance most commentors here could justify their remarks the same way as you did. I’m sure noone here REALLY finds Priyanka Chopra (only as an example) FAT.

  17. I don’t understand why we’re even going through this. Your blog is doing great. Every day I see new comments by new people. There haven’t been any fights between members. I’ve been at several forums (Desi and Non-Desi) on the internet for many years and there’s always a lot of drama. Here, I thought, finally there’s a site where girls (and maybe some guys too) critique on fashion in a mature and cordial manner.

    Therefore, I don’t quite understand the reason for this?

    As for the elitist comments, re. Nandita Das, etc…. that I believe I have been “guilty” of since I have sincerely not minded anything worn by Nandita because I just don’t think she looks bad! Maybe that’s the inherent belief of mine that her awesome personality erases any fashion misdemeanors. And you know what, I can’t help that. Also, I honestly don’t believe HOW that offends or makes you cringe.

    I love your blog and you two do a marvelous job. But there was no need for this notice.



  18. What have we unleashed? ;)

    Anyway people, we think you all are fabulous and it makes us so very happy everyday when we see the comments come in… This little post wasn’t meant for everyone but for those few who spew obscene comments, manic rants and over the top vicious remarks…whose comments never get approved.

    Further comments on this post are closed. We love you all, keep reading us!!