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The tights and the pumps absolutely kill this look for us. The picture alone makes us feel all hot and claustrophobic.

Hemline up, Noyonika works it! But… Can you imagine just how fabulous Ms. Chatterjee would’ve looked had she paired that dress with a strappy pair of heels and skipped the tights? Well, we can and that makes us dislike this look even more.

Noyonika Chatterjee At IIFA Rocks Fashion Show, IIFA 2011 Toronto

Photo Credit: Wireimage

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  1. While i agree that the tights are unnecessary,maybe she wore them coz it was cold. the dress is amazing and she carries it off really well

    • ya…maybe she was dressing weather appropriate…
      But the dress is still a tad bit too busy..even without tights or pumps..


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