In Anamika Khanna

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While at a recent soirée, Nita was photographed in an Anamika Khanna suit. A matching red clutch and her trust Saint Laurent ‘Tribute’ sandals rounded out the look. Think she fared well?

Nita Ambani At Krunal Pandya’s Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She faired Well?.

    Another classic example of your biased posts. Does this appearance even deserve a comment. Does an overload of brands being put together makes things fair???

  2. Tacky and garish! The colour, fabric and embroidery looks cheap. Less said about the sandals the better! Money cannot buy taste! Matching outfit with clutch?! Who does that these days? So, 80s and 90s!

  3. Her dessing sense is kinda like she got married and received no daavat invites, hence no opportunity to dress up as a newly wed bride, so now she’s perpetually making up for it.
    Like what is this even?

    I don’t know what to say about the eyebrows. Confounded for adjectives.

  4. Nita Ambani is good looking women, but she needs to stick to more simple things. she gets drowned in this outfit. She needs to stop wearing Manish Malhotra and try more simple looks. It took much with the jewelry. OH i forgot Abu jani and khosla please please let them go.You are beautiful looking women.

  5. Nitaben i know its Christmas but please don’t do this to us. You know you are not surrounded with right people cause if you were they wouldn’t let you wear this hideous outfit. You look like Santa Claus, oops the hat is missing.

  6. Whenever I see such OTT outfits, I console myself by thinking these wearers are true mentors to the Indian handicraft business – even if the designer takes the bulk of the moolah, at least some artisan somewhere is being supported. I bet this one outfit kept one family in daal-chaval for at least a few weeks

  7. Not a good look. I hope she retires the ysl shoes, they look terrible. But I just love her jewelry, wish she would wear them with outfits with little or no embroidery.

  8. She has completly lost it…who in the world with 1% dress sense wd wear this..wht is her cotierie of ppl doing to her,,i wish somebdy wd sound” the king is nude “bell asap…this is tacky and eye hurts

  9. assuming i didnt recognise the woman or the brands she has drowned herself in – all i would see is a woman hell bent on show casing her wealth by wearing clothes that scream “I HAVE MONEY AND YOU DONT, YOU PEASANT”

    considering i do know who she is, i dont think im wrong either :P


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