Nina In Gayatri Khanna

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Thoughts on the top?

Nina Manuel
Gayatri Khanna Spring Summer 08


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  1. i actually like that thing the model is wearing with the top.. dont know what to call it really.. but then again, this suits those thin as a dandi types.. boo hoo!

  2. i like the top, esp the way the model’s wearing it, but if even nina manuel can’t carry it off, i don’t see much hope for us mere mortals.

  3. I was trying to think of what would match with the top…it would look funky with a leather skirt or capri style pants too or even the bell bottoms style pants the model has on…in the caramel like color or dark choco brown…Nina would have gotten our brownie points then lolzzzzz

  4. I think a great upper body is important to carry off this top. Great shoulders and well-toned arms can make this kind of a top look goregeous with capris or pants or even some shorts…

  5. Looks good on the models. Top isn’t all that exceptional. It’s annoying when designers can create/design anything in the world yet they make some shapeless, hole in the middle for your head, native-Indian inspired tablecloth for your body. :/

  6. No I dun dig this :'( I dun even know which category to put it in cause it looks like those old curtains back in the 10th century! :S
    Expected wayyy better from Nina.


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