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In Bangalore for a store launch, Nimrat was photographed in a pleated skirt by Swati Vijaivargie, one that she paired with a black top. While the tee didn’t really work with the skirt, the visible inner-wear lining was a bigger turn-off. The necklace and black pumps don’t really work either. As charming as she looked neck up, this one’s a Not Quite.

Nimrat Kaur In Swati Vijaivargie At The Purple Pony Mansion Store Launch In Bangalore

Nimrat Kaur At The Purple Pony Mansion, Bangalore

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  1. Yeah, unfortunately the close-up highlights on the inner wear lining, otherwise she does look very elegant in the last picture. There’s something about Nimrat that it’s easy to forgive…;)

  2. She looks gorgeous. These vijaivargie clothes are plain tacky and the finishing is so bad. It’s to her credit that she is making the skirt work.

  3. though the skirt looks a bit off..I cant imagine anything else other than the black tee with this skirt and the necklace is looking lovely too…a very wearable look..and how did u even find the black pumps..!!

  4. I can never fault her no matter what she wears. I think it has to do with her calm demeanour. She is utterly comfortable in her own skin.

  5. I can’t stand inner-wear showing the way it is! SO tacky! And seriously people, if it isn’t showing in 2 out of 3 pictures, doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist! T-shirt Bras exist for a reason!


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