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Nidhhi attended a pre-release function of her movie this week wearing a Ritika Mirchandani lehenga with a satin Bottega Veneta knot clutch.

I could talk about the gold jewellery and clutch clashing here but my eyes are just focussed on that top. Is it me or did the extra material on the choli look like it was a last min move to be more modest? Unfortunately, it looked more like tissue paper that somehow unraveled.

Nidhi Agerwal

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  1. Pretty girl.. trying too hard . Btw..why do these actresses who are debuting in south films dress in such tacky outfits for film related functions ? I am sure the guests who are attending will eventually will watch the film .

    • So you mean to say that since they will be tacky in the movies anyways they should be non tacky here??? Not all debutantes for “south cinema” are tacky, neither at events or in movies, this is stereotypical generalization!

      This woman just suffers from a poor taste, her “North Indian” debut as well as clothes from related events were no better!

      • Actually the director, costume designer and costumer of this movie dressed both Akhil and Nidhhi in beautiful and classy outfits. I saw the trailers and song promos. Akhil usually dresses the same classy and stylish way off screen too. His dressing sense is classy. But this is how Nidhhi dresses outside. Her dressing sense is tacky.

    • Haha…nothing to do with geography here. Just a case of classless dressing, like Disha pathani and the like who share such sensibilities.

  2. These heroines the South Movies import from Bombay or Bollywood are always tacky and baring skin, that’s it. That is the main agenda. I liked Kannada girl Srinidhi Shetty they recruited for the recent Kannada film KGF. She is tall, pretty, classy and down to earth. The South movies should give chance to local girls also. There are plenty of pretty girls in South who may never get a chance.

  3. I am appalled at the insinuation that “actresses debuting in south films” are tackier than their Bollywood counterparts. I am not a fan of this outfit and I think a modest dupatta draping might’ve helped but I’ll take this outfit over anything that Urvashi Rautela or Mouni Roy wears. Tackiness doesn’t discriminate whether thats Jahnvi, Rani, Kajol, Aishwarya or stylist Rhea Kapoor – they’ve all had their moments so lets not point fingers at starlets in southern movies only.

  4. This looks so bad on her. Niddhi Agerwal and Disha Patani have amazing bodies, they are great dancers and so sexy but they really need to change/hire stylist. Unfortunately, I feel their personal choices do not do justice to their bodies at all, they always end up looking tacky.

  5. So we’re not going to talk about how her foundation is two shades lighter than the rest of her skin?

    Because I don’t know how to look past that and at the clothes. It’s sad, because she’s got a lovely complexion.

    Also, anytime a woman bares even a smidgen of her body, she’s called tacky, attention whore, and what-have-you. That’s misogyny. Is it an ugly choli? Hell yes. Is she (or any person really) deserving of the connotations that surround the word tacky (read: cheap, try-hard, selling herself, whore)? No. Think about why tacky, trashy, and vulgar are often only used against women, and delete these words from your vernacular.

    • Because men don’t bare skin?? But women do.. as some means or the other. Either for fashion for something.. but women do bare skin. Let’s get appropriate in terms of skin show only then can there be a common language that can be used in men and/or women.

    • Nobody called her or any women who shows of her body a whore . She can bare all she want. In terms of outfits/fashion.. what she is wearing is tacky.


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