Doing Black and Red

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In comparison to Shreyas, Shreesanth fared a tad bit better. Atleast, a shiny mess he wasn’t. But, if we had to pick our favorite black and red look, it would have to be Neil whose red pocket square provided just the right amount of color without looking jarring.


Shreyas Talpade and Shreesanth at IIFA Awards 2009


Neil Nitin Mukesh at IIFA Awards 2009: Fashion Extravaganza

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  1. Shreyas definitely shined at the event. Shreesanth would’ve looked better if his tie was a bit narrower. As for Neil, well he defnitely nailed his look!

  2. At first glance i was like oh no not even Niel look at his same ol pointed toes but when i saw Shreesanth’s super duper pointed shoes…OH MY GOD.So true ofcourse Neil is the better among them.

  3. What is with this horrible trend of men’s super pointy shoes?? Looks ridiculous. But out of these three, Neil looks the best, barring the shoes.


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