Fab Or Drab?

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The disheveled look makes it a ‘drab’ for us.


Neha Oberoi At Poison Re-Launch

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  1. D R A B!!! those look like seperate pieces of work joined together.. so uncool.. even if her hair was alright, the dress would do the talking

  2. This look does not look ‘drab’ as the writer so kindly put it, the dress is itself pretty bad, the cut and the colors wouldn’t complement anyone. As for her having a ‘disheveled look’, it works. Theres nothing ‘drab’ about her her or her makeup, only her dress.

    And incase you didn’t know this already, the prim and well groomed look is out. Au naturale is thankfully, once again in, and her waves look fabulous!

  3. drab drab drab…complete trash..agreed that the disheveled look is in but she certainly did’nt get it right…well guess she should’nt even try.

  4. DRAB!!! how can ANYONE get out of the house wearing sumthing like that…. it looks like my grandmas shower curtains….. and it so does NOT complement her figure!! the print makes her look VERY CURVY….

  5. DRAB! The pattern of the dress doesn’t go with the fit. A fluttery fit below the waist line would give her a relaxed look WHICH would go with her hairstyle!


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