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Yesterday, actress Neha Oberoi got married to Vishal Shah. At the reception the bride wore a Shantanu-Nikhil gown with the groom wearing a velvet sherwani.

Congratulations to the couple. You can catch more pics from the reception Here.

Vishal Shah and Neha Oberoi at Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: BharatStudent

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  1. congrats to the couple but I’m sorry this east – west, fusion gown thing does absolutley nothing for me, or her for that matter! And as for his sherwani…. The guests at the do don’t seem to have fared much better either aside from Sophie, those are some of the tackiest sarees I’ve seen in a long time!

  2. I love how the groom is holding his phone at his reception. Who’s call is he waiting for?! hahaha.
    I wish Indian brides would wear Indian outfits to their reception.. they are so many options to choose from (Sari, Lengha, etc) unlike the prom dress like outfit Neha has one.


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