In Not So Serious By Pallavi Mohan

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Busy shooting for Roadies the last few months, Ms. Dhupia wasn’t able to attend many events back then. But, she did make an appearance at the Lonely Planet Travel Awards on Thursday evening wearing a beige Not So Serious By Pallavi Mohan dress featuring intricate embroidery.

I loved the dress on Ms. Dhupia, but the clutch seemed like an odd choice. It wasn’t quite a contrast nor quite a match and like my feelings about it, felt like it was on the fence. The eye makeup also was a bit off here.

Overall, for me it was a Not Quite. What about for you?

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. First time, I am not convinced of this baggy clothing on her. Makes her look bulky & short. Clutch seems odd too. Facewise she looks nice.

    • She does look a bit tired though. Must be all that non-stop shouting on Roadies :) But yes, this outfit is not boxy/relaxed, it just looks sloppy.


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