In American Eagle

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This was an almost ‘Fab’ look for us and while I put the blame on the hair, Priyanka thinks it’s the necklace that keeps this look from being a purr-fect casual look. What say you?


Left: Neha Dhupia at ‘Raat Gayi Baat Gayi’ Event
Right: American Eagle Sweetheart Denim Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I think it is too much blue. The denim dress she could probably work, considering she looks wow in everything. But the blue denim wedges and the necklace just don’t work with so much blue. Perhaps a differently coloured necklace would be better. And wedges, I think they are horrid.

    • ohhhh….plz! i think she looks fab 4 a change and classy!
      such a gau-juss look and ur critisizin’ it! i mean comm’on,,…..she does look nice at da end of da day!

  2. Just coming away from watching the Alyssa Milano Evolution video on Funny or Die, and Haha, imo, Neha’s hair looks like the toned down version of the jersey shore hair. LOL!

  3. I like the dress and necklace is perfect for casual look.
    And i dont think this necklace someone wd wear in formals.
    Its not too-much of blue. Since dress is short and also its denim blue (considered almost neutral ) ,so blue necklace(which is brighter blue color ) goes great.

    Too much of blue is -Raveeens blue.please dont say ‘too much blue’ bcos its neha dhupia.If it was sonam kapoor,since she is already labelled as fashionista & ‘know-it-all-girl’ ,we would have accepted it.

  4. I hate this look..
    I am not a fan of denim dresses.. I bought one a few years ago – wore it once & then threw it out. As a child growing up in the 90s I wore heaps of denim – dresses, skirts, vests, overalls, jackets – that’s probably why I hate this look LOL
    I also think the necklace & shoes are ugly =[

  5. u guys crazy??i thnk she happens 2 b one of the VERY few who r effortlessly chic n ooohh!!its nt jus d hair or ur dress or blah-blah, its hw u carry urself in dat..hw comfortable u r in dat thing n with ur body..n i thnk she is prrrfct..i mean compare her with all dose horrendous things that females usualy wear….

  6. Dont see the dress on the AE website; not even in the clearance section :). Me thinks she is looking nice (the necklace could be different but still works), very casual….


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