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Ms. Dhupia made an appearance at the launch of designer Rimple and Harpreet Narula’s new store ‘Theater’ wearing an aubergine strapless gown. Neha looked lovely (especially waist up) but the gown itself felt a wee bit overwhelming (to me anyways) with its flared velvet skirt and mesh overlay detail.

Neha Dhupia at Rimple and Harpreet Narula’s New Store “Theater” in Delhi

Photo Credit: Karan Thapa

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  1. LOVE that’s got that royal queen vibe but yet modern n wearable. Neha looks gorgeous too, love how she kept it simple n let the details of the dress n the color work for itself.

    • She really does, and that’s a fugly dress to begin with. Just LOVE that she has on no jewelry (which I notice she tends to do a lot and I approve whole-heartedly).


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