In Twos

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Beating the summer heat in linen was Ms. Dhupia while travelling out of the city on Monday and spotted about town on Sunday.

Prefer the lime and white combo or the sandy tiered one?

P.S. The lime and white combo is Anavila.

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  1. whats up with those choodas/red bangles ? Why these women like flaunting to the world that they got married. I understand girls doing this for traditional reason, but its annoying when these people do it in the name of fashion.

    • she just got married and chose to wear it,appreciate it… unlike any of the club.How the hell is she showing off..she got married to a Sikh/Punjabi in whom this tradition is must

    • They’re celebrity but they also follow certain tradition and culture … not only you are allowed to flaunt ur chooras alone … respect others thinking too

    • In Punjabi/Sikh traditions, it is suggested that the brides wear the choodas for 40-45 days after the marriage as it symbolises future prosperity and fertility, etc. So she will be wearing it for another month I think.

  2. I like lime color as I get clear view of her in that . She is deglam in sand colored dress so shying away from cameras it seems. I think it is just loose fit dress, but it looks like overnight she gained weight.

    • ya, she looks very heavy in the sand colored dress..there are rumours that she might be pregnant, and this look fuels them ;)

  3. What’s up with the short Salwars? Not a big fan of this trend. I guess I am a traditionalalist but these short pants and salwars just look odd.


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