In Shantanu And Nikhil: Poll This!

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For the IIFAs, Neha wore a grey Shantanu and Nikhil number that was a bit reminiscent of what Dia wore on last year’s green carpet… No prizes for guessing who gets our vote, that’d have to be Dia! Who gets yours?


Left: Dia Mirza, IIFA 08
Right: Neha Dhupia, IIFA 09


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  1. neha dhupia’s cover-it-all dress is refreshing change so she gets my vote. the pattern on the dress is quite silly but she wears it well!

  2. hmm dont like either dress…but like the grey and white combination better than the black on yellow which looks a bit tacky. Still, I’ll give this round to
    Neha for carrying off a dress that would have fallen flat on any other actress. That said, she should have been a bit more toned before she chose such a clingy dress

  3. neha’s dress is very nice, but it doesn’t seem to fit well on her upper arms. The designers shld have provided better finish. The dress looks off the rack, not bespoke.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVED Dia’s dress back then and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it now :)
    It’s so unusual, and sort of risky, but she pulls it off with that very feminine/graceful elan that she is famous for

  5. agree with pdaervo
    i like it so much more on dia.. i like the covering it all part but im not so sure tat her figure compliment it on her…

  6. i’m surprised the vote is for dia so overwhelmingly because i think while dia looks great…neha’s is so different…love the grey and the full sleeves
    it shows off her figure so well and so subtly
    and honestly its a much harder dress to pull off than the yellow halter version and neha looks FAB

  7. I love grey & I love long sleeved evening gowns.. but I don’t like the material of Neha’s dress or the neckline..
    Dia looks lovely. Dress gives her a nice shape.


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