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A plain dress in a neutral color with an embellished neckline is hard to go wrong with, and yet, these two ladies show us just how to…

The asymmetrical hemline and the rather overwhelming (and dare I add tacky) embellished neckline on Shonal’s Pria Kataria Puri dress does her no favors. Let’s not even get into the hair. As for Neetu, she does fare better but only marginally. The silhouette on her isn’t the most flattering either and the hemline sure could use a couple more inches.

More inside.


Neetu Chandra (left) And Shonal Chauhan

The past few appearances of Neetu’s would work as a great how-not-to guide. A knee skimming or just-under hemline would’ve been so much more flattering on Ms. Chandra (not that anything could redeem these dresses, especially the middle one).


Neetu Chandra

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Ugh! It’s always sad to see a beautiful woman go so horribly wrong with her clothes. We really need better stylists around.

  2. Why pick on Neetu? Just because she doesn’t wear big name designer labels? Those dresses aren’t any better or worse than some of the other crap that gets featured and coo-ed over here.

    Sometimes I feel it’s just a class thing – just because she happens to be a small town girl from Bihar, she can’t seem to get a break. She’s a pretty girl and she looks absolutely fine in that beige dress.

    • I agree! We assume she would know no style because she hasn’t had the exposure girls like katrina and sonam have had, and that is just so patronizing!
      Neetu isn’t tall, so she goes for higher hemlines to elongate her legs. And she looks cute in the blue dress as well. Mebbe different shoes with the beige dress?

  3. Yes, I agree! All this Neetu bashing…for what? The gal is georgeous and gets discriminated against because she is short. And she has stunning legs, so why not show them off?


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