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Have a favorite? I can tell you who wasn’t mine… As lovely as Sonali looked neck-up, she lost me over the color and the overwhelmingly floral outfit. Divya too didn’t quite make the cut; there just was sooo much going on with her look.

P.S: Tabu is in Anita Dongre Timeless.

Neeta Ambani, Tabu, Sonali Bendre And Divya Dutta

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. My vote goes to Tabu. Very elegant outfit.
    Neeta ambani looks better every day and what can I say about her BEAUTIFUL jewelry and that clutch is to die for.
    do not care for Sonali’s kurta, I have seen this kurta fabric on a tablecloth.

  2. I disagree with you on this one. I think the worst of the lot is Divya. Purple and yellow can look great is done aesthetically, but here it’s just a garish mess.

    I do not mind Sonali. Not the greatest of looks but she still looks good. The kurta is not that bad (I am not a floral-hater). It looks a lot like the kashmiri (or is it himachali) embroidery that we see on silk/tussar saris and woolen kurtas.

    I like Neeta the best here..simple and elegant. Tabu is good but Neeta reigns supreme here.

  3. Dont want to say anything about Divya….*shudder*….
    Tabu looks very elegant and ofcourse Neeta ambani ….she has good taste in jewellery/clothes
    Sonali’s kurta is overwhelming her I feel….

  4. Tabu Tabu Tabu!

    Hmmm…she wore white to Karishma’s wedding too…might be ‘her thing’, but then again, she looks good. So I hope I don’t see people bagging her outfit out just because it’s white lol

  5. haha neeta ambani looks at least 55. All that weight loss has given her a haggard skin and bone look which is not appealing at all. Goes to show that while money can buy you good clothes n jewellery and great PR its not gonna buy you youth or attractiveness.

  6. NA and Tabu – classic, elegant, lovely. Sonali – fresh and pretty. The outfit is casual and lovely. Divya – how can you ruin an ethnic outfit?

  7. Are you kidding me? Sonali looks the best of the lot, she’s a zillion miles ahead. Mrs Ambani with her wierdly over arched eyebrows scared me no end.


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