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Wearing another Masaba, Neena attended promotions for her movie, this time wearing a floral print sari with silver jhumki earrings.


If the sari feels familiar, it’s because Sonam wore it right after her wedding. See it Here.

Neena Gupta

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Seriously… like someone said in a recent post featuring neena Gupta.. the femininity and grace in those actresses and women of that era.. huge difference, realised on seeing the same saree on Sonam. No offence or comparison but just something that’s so obvious yet so subtle. Draws away attention from what they are wearing n styled like to the actual person..and reverse.

    • Yes Sana, this appearance reiterates my earlier comment which you cited here.

      I am always struck by how chic the older generation actresses look and how their sartorial outings do not seem forced & over-styled. Nothing screams wanna-be, fashion victim, over accessorized or obscenely expensive. I wish many of the younger generation took a leaf out of their books and go easy on botox and buck!

      • Not sure if everyone is doing Botox, it actually requires acceptance by your body genetics. But yeah , people really need to go easy on the ‘stylist’ jobs which end up making them look so bloody different from the people they are.. as we have seen over the years. Case in point: Shilpa Shetty, Sonam, Kajol, Jaqueline, and loads more

  2. Prefer Neena’s simple yet elegant style over sonam’s.. May be I sound outdated, but I am not a big fan of giving modern twists to saris.. Major love for jhumkis !

    • I’m with u ….. perhaps we r outdated. But the sari just looks best when worn the traditional way, like my mom always has. It needs to be left alone.
      And yes neena Ji looks miles better than sonam

  3. This Saree is so ordinary….its something easily available in small town saree shops by the wayside..what is so designer about it ?
    yucks the color and the print plus the shiny material
    so over ‘Masaba’ fashion..she needs better ideas

  4. Nothing is elegant about this sari and nothing elegant about NG wearing it. It seems like regular sari by a regular women. The look is so bland and no she does not carry it well. You indeed are biased. Sonam wore it way better and carried it with aplomb. She made an ordinary saree look great. Whereas on Neena ji, it is meh. and whats with the blouse, such deep neck. Not being prudent but not in good taste. Blouse is so tiny for her. What was wrong in Sonam’s drape?. I would love to join Sonam bashing bandwagon for her OTT dressing and make up but this does look does not warrant this.
    PS not a Sonam Fan at all.

    • That one person who wants to go against just for the heck of it.. yes you that. There’s no Sonam bashing here, since she wore the same saree in her true style while Neena wore it the way a saree is worn for years now.. the comparison. Lost chance to trigger =p

    • I also thought Sonam looked good and uplifted the saree quite a bit. And what is wrong with the way she draped it? not the one boob show we see of late, which is so boring now.
      Neena looked elegant too, but Sonam wins my vote

  5. if you cover the face thats wearing it and look only at the Saree as is… most of the ‘over the moon’ comments above will do a double take.
    it is very ordinary and not even in a good way


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