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Dear P&P, I saw this lady’s pic from the FHM Style Awards and I love the dress! I would love to wear this dress to this huge party I have coming up, can you please tell me who it is by and where I can get it in the U.S?


(Name withheld on request)


The lady in question is Nawaz Modi Singhania (an artist and a socialite)… and the dress, by Varun Sardana!

You could try Here to get your hands on one!

While I love this dress, Ms. Singhania totally kills it for me with her Kolhapuri wedges… which am sure you totally won’t! :)

Happy Shopping!


Left: Nawaz Modi Singhania At FHM Style Icon Awards 2009
Right: Varun Sardana Fall/Winter 2008

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Hello!
    Just fyi, Ms. Modi Singhania is a fitness trainer and owns a chain of gyms, pilates hubs and aqua aerobics centres called Body Art in Bombay. I work out there and she’s very good at what she does, so I’d say she’s more than a socialite. ;-) Sorry if this comment isn’t directly fashion-related!

  2. The dress doesn’t drape gracefully and makes her look a little shapeless…i’v never been fond of loose dresses..IMO they make some people look fat even though they are not!
    Like in her case, the dress in hiding a lot of things which could have made her look better!
    I like the hair though, and the shoes don’t go with the dress!!
    Its more of a beach wear than a formal one!


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