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Know what Natasha and Rihanna have in common? Chaps, yeah that’s right, chaps. Take a moment to let that sink in, will ya?

While at a recent birthday do, spotted Natasha pair her R13 chaps with a black top, neon belt, PS 11 bag and suede boots. There’s a lot Ms. Poonawala can get away with… But this look just isn’t one of ’em. While she’s a favorite around here for being among the few to take fashion risks, this appearance gets no love from us.

On the flip side, a NASCAR regular/KISS fan just found himself/herself a new pin-up girl!

Natasha Poonawala In R13 Leather Chaps At Chunky Pandey’s Birthday Bash

Left, Centre: Natasha Poonawala At Chunky Pandey’s Birthday Bash
Far Right: Rihanna

Natasha Poonawala In R13 Leather Chaps At Chunky Pandey’s Birthday Bash-1

R13 Chaps and Proenza Schouler Bag

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Zimbio

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  1. definition of OVERKILL, if natasha had worn it the same way as the model, it may have been more acceptable but this entire look is pretty close to WTHeyy

  2. took me ages to figure out what “chaps” is. I think shorts on leggings look ugly 99% of the time. And the above pictures belong to that 99%.

  3. She should’ve worn some other textured or other coloured boots. These merge into the chaps and almost look like an extension even though they are suede.
    If she wanted to wear that neon belt..she should’ve worn some other shoes, perhaps like the ones featured with the chaps in their ad.
    If she wanted to wear that top along with the chaps, should’ve broken the black with a brown or some other non-jarring coloured belt or gone minus a belt and just tucked it in.

    Right now, there’s too much chaos. don’t know whether to look at the belt or the boots or the untidy top.

  4. You peeps cant see how amazeeeeeeng she looks?? I LOVE HER in everything she wears. No one else could have carried off such a bizare look, but she rocks it.


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