Match Much: The Butterfly Effect

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Another Sunday at the racecourse and this time Natasha was spotted in an Alexander McQueen butterfly print dress complete with a McQueen butterfly hat fascinator. She also carried a black butterfly jewelled clutch (which I suspect is a Leiber) to complete her ‘butterfly’ look.

Wish she had skipped the clutch, because the hat butterfly fascinator was enough to make a statement.


Left: Alexander McQueen, Spring 2008
Center: Natasha Poonawala
Right: Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Sex and the City’ Movie



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  1. How could anyone take this dress and make such a mess of it. It looks so good both on the ramp and on SJP. Natasha looks like a joke.

  2. Overkill! he dress itself is such a statement- why mar it with that ugly unflattering belt and gaudy accessories? Though I’m sure SJP was styled, she looks effortless. Take a cue, Natasha!

  3. aww such a waste of a pretty dress! she should drown her belt, clutch and bracelet. with a hat like that, you don’t need anything else! she needs to rewear that stunning hat with a black dress.. this outfit just doesnt do justice to it!

  4. okay, as cute as she is, she looks a bit ridiculous here. the hat has to go. it’s making her ensemble look too busy, as it is the dress has a lot going on with it.

  5. the hat doesn’t go with the hair…the dress doesn’t go with the hat..i could go on and on….wish she had gone for a neutral shade with the hat..(i love the hat but butterflies to me are more for young girls)….her hat’s not really making an impact as it should…its the races after all..

  6. hey thats the same fascinator that princess beatrice was caught wearing last year at a royal wedding…those very same butterflies! I love fascinators and I like this one too but the dress is already busy and colourful for the fascinator to go with it.

  7. I LOVE the fascinator, and the dress
    but SJP got it right, if you want to wear a statement headpeice like that, try it with a different dress
    and vice versa

  8. I agree madhu — this woman must be loaded!!
    Who is she and seriously, how can she afford this stuff??? I think the clutch and that thing on her head kills the dress.. I like it how SJP wore it. Totally over the top!

  9. So is that what it’s officially called, a “fascinator”? Reminds me of baby words, like bassinet and safety pins. I’d rather just call it a headpiece :)

  10. I think the clutch is overkill but everything else looks great on her. I love the headpiece and the dress. plus she’s pregnant so it’s hard for me personally to criticise a pregnant lady with all those crazy hormones racing around.

  11. Is this the same runway version she is wearing?Coz i dont see red mid part of Natasha’s dress in the runway version or SJP’s one.

  12. ahh thanks archana! didn’t know that. i’m actually quite embarrassed :p

    and thanks fatima..i did think her flats were really cool. wouldn’t wear them with that dress though :s

  13. should totally be a whtthey…the dress or the ehad piece alone with the rest of the look toned down would have been awesome but put both together and add some cheap gaudy looking accessories and you havee the fashion faux paux of the century…Im very disappointed in natasha!!

  14. Hey P&P how come these posts dont come on the homepage???? I always end up reading some posts much later : Guilt reading, although there’s not one day I dont visit HHC. Like this one. People have seen this way before : March 09. And its oct 09,and Im seeing this for the first time??? How come?? Am I missing something??

  15. Love the dress. Don’t think SJP or Np wear it well. It looks amazing in the runway and magazine images. It looks drab on both women – perhaps you need to be 6 foot, slender and very leggy to carry it off.

    Hate the fascinator – there’s enough going on with the dress.

    Where would you be able to buy one of these dresses?


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