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The folks at Valentino would have you literally believe in the adage, a bird in hand… And taking it a step further was Natasha with the nest do. :p

Kidding aside, if that was intentional, we get the humor (and love it too)! However, the look just isn’t working; it’s (the hair) bit much for the rather soft dress.

P.S: When we first tweeted about this clutch (see, another reason you should be following us), we didn’t really think we’d be seeing it on anyone anytime soon. Guess Ms Poonawala had to prove us wrong! :)

Left And Centre: Natasha Poonawala At Dior Store Launch
Right: Valentino Clutch

Photo Credit:Viral Bhayani

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  1. Absoultely PnP. Her attempt of a bird’s nest in the hand on hair, didnt work out. Hair do looks messy.

    Where is the new store being launched…..

    • hahahahahaha thats exactly what i wanted to say!!!

      hair aside i do like the clutch with the dress … if only she had kept the hair more demure and classy!

    • Totally – except more like” Snookie on Speed” meets jersey girl gone wild, with all the hairspray and back combing!
      The dress and clutch are beautiful, and how gorgeous would it have been if she had a slick pulled back hairstyle..

  2. The dress would have looked much better without the feather bag. I love the bird’s nest hair but can never get it right. I think like most of us, she has too much hair to get the style right.

  3. Despite all the expensive stuff she wears- something about it or the way she wears is it just WRONG!
    If she had carried this clutch(its hideous but each to there own) with a plain black outfit it may have worked and if she’d not done this nest hairstyle with this gown that would have also worked.
    Cant give her anymore points for just wearing expensive stuff- she doesnt get it!

  4. Lovely dress, great clutch and snooki hair!

    now why would anyone want to do that to themselves? it cant be that this lady cant afford a good hairwash and blow dry!

  5. it”s ok to go wrong once in awile i guess, the elie saab dress is stunning and so is the clutch and everything but the hair!


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