In Alexander McQueen

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Natasha attended the Manish Malhotra show wearing a black McQueen featuring sexy cutouts finishing out the look with a Valentino rockstud lock bag. Major props for wearing something so risqué and still coming off looking elegant. She looked fantastic.


Left: Natasha Poonawala at Manish Malhotra show at Lakme Fashion Week Summer 2014
Right: Alexander McQueen Crepe Gown

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  1. She looks incredible! Wow! Love this look on her! I think holding the valentino clutch plus the invitation card plus the other garment in her other hand takes away from this look though.

    Put all your sh*t down or leave it in your car. Your dress is amazing! Let it show!

    • Yes. So when you are wearing something, you are careful to always cooridnate eveyrthing with the outfit: what you hold in your hand, the background, the color of the walls, the drink that you have and the people you stand next to! If someone gives you a card, you refuse to hold it because it might ‘take away from the look’. I mean cummon!

      I remember when Priyanka Chopra was photographed in an auto, people commented “you dont dress like that for a ride in the auto”. Do people really dress in a specific way to ride autos??

      • Well yes, I do dress more “modestly” if I’m going to be in an auto, for sure. I live in india, and much as I’d like to say Damn You to all the leches on the roads, it’s much too tiresome to do it on an almost daily basis.

  2. The fact that the dress if full-length and the absence of more bling on neck or wrist, keeps the look stylish. Had the dress been shorter, it would have gone straight to the Queenie Singh category.

  3. I know everyone’s talkng about the dress n all..for me the hair color is the true winner..I loved them so much that am getting the same highlights done today ;-)

  4. She does have the body to carry this outfit and looks good in it. But I still find the left boobie saying hello world, a bit tacky. And she should change that trashy hair color. Ruins most looks for me.


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