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Of all French Connection offerings, this balloon(y) dress wouldn’t be my first pick but Narmada wears it well with the cutout sandals and the orange clutch. What’s not working for me is the makeup and the hair (especially those curls).


Left: Narmada Ahuja at Vikram Phadnis’ Boutique Launch
Right: French Connection Knit Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i agree
    the dress is cute and needed a “fresh” look… not a madeup look. easygoing hair and light make up.
    the clutch is very well matched…as are the shoes.

  2. hee hee…..she is tightening her neck muscles & jutting her face out to make her face look skinny (saw that trick on oprah) but this looks hilariously obvious !!!

  3. I’m sooo jealous of the fact that she can wear that this time of the year in India. I’m suffering from winter-neutrals-blacks-greys blues. Sigh.
    Coming to the topic, I love the outfit, even though none of the items individually are a stand-out. But she totally ruins it with her make-up and horrible hair. I don’t understand this compulsive need to color hair…what’s wrong with good old black? Please stick to natural hair color unless you can really rock the look.

  4. i think i had commented on her makeup before right here on your blog. The makeup classes she attended in london have yielded no benefits. She continues to make the same mistakes. She reeks of wannabism (if there is such a word).

  5. The dress looks nice in the 3rd pic but looks way too bright on her . Agree…make up and hairdo is a little too made up for this look.could have gone with just heavy kohl-lined eyes , lip gloss and pulled back hair

  6. If I put a hand on her face the dress works.. seriously I shouldn’t have to put my hands on the monitor at all.. she needs to get rid of that horrid hair colour.. fast!


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