Nargis On Elle: (Un)Covered

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Wearing an Hermès swimsuit and Eina Ahluwalia jewelry was Nargis Fakhri on Elle’s latest cover. Like?

Left: Nargis Fakhri For Elle India, May 2012
Right: Eina Ahluwalia 2012

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  1. Very silly jewellery and Nargis looks awkward, actually everything looks awkward here. Her face is too photoshopped – would expect more work on her waist instead (not that it isn’t slim already but you know!).

    • I agree – I’m surprised they put her in such an unflattering swimsuit (unflattering on her atleast – but I imagine it would be unflattering on most people with the awkward placement of the blue band..who wants a wide solitary horizontal band on a swimsuit on their midsection anyway? Not me for sure!) – terrible cover, not sure what the people in the Elle styling department are smoking.

  2. very awkward and uncomfortable looking pose..and the slinky necklace is just unattractive..!! Don’t care for the makeup either! pretty meh cover!

  3. Never seen any one in a swimsuit sitting down for a magazine cover, naturally her waist looks big. India has such beautiful jewelry, why would one wear a neclace so ugly. Bad lighting and photoshop

  4. To be honest, most Indian magazine covers are a joke. You see like… three great covers a year from all the nags put together!

  5. M so put off to see a great swimsuit on a gorgeous face made to look horrendous……. Why such an awful makeup? n that necklace is simply wierd.

  6. Bad styling, Weird eyes and what’s with the hair
    And thats when i’m not even talking about the springy peice around her neck. Horrendous! I love ELLE otherwise


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