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When Priyanka and I shop together, invariably we’ll find something that we both love and eventually end up buying. Looks like the same happened with close friends Surily and Nandita. Nandita was recently spotted wearing a black version of the Spring 2009 Gucci romper seen first on Surily last year. Although, we have no full-lengths of Nandita, I can already see that the romper falls better on her because of her height. Do like the black color more too.

Look inside for who else was also spotted wearing the Gucci romper.


Left: Surily Goel at Collective Fashion Show
Right: Nandita Mahtani at at Chivas Lounge at WIFW

That would be Nandita’s sister Anu Mirchandani wearing the version on Surily. :)


Anu Mirchandani at Tusshar Kapoor Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, DesiMartini

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  1. whats there to love?? i fail to get it..its looks very ordinary to me..should’ve bought one from forever 21 rather than gucci..wudve saved em some bucks

    • Yep, same thought here. Better to recycle a gunny sack and save the planet than shell out big bucks for crap just because it’s a designer label.

  2. I fail to understand rompers…as they are specifically designed for children to know how to keep their pants on…
    Moreover, what’s so cool about an attire where you have to completely remove it in order to____!!
    C’mon make clothes for women not infants…:p

  3. For some reason, tube-top rompers look really idiotic to me. They remind me of a potato-sack version of swimsuits from the 40s. That being said, I think that Nandita pulls off her version, simply because it isn’t the color of a potato sack.

  4. The only accessories Surily needed with that sad-excuse-for-an-outfit were a milk-bottle in one hand and a diaper bag in the other!


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