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When we first featured the bootie-sandals (also referred to as the sock sandals), a majority of you hated it. (see here)

Designer Nandita Mahtani sported the look at the launch of ‘Evolve’ spa, where she wore her brown Free People sandals with a white dress. Have to say, the sandals aren’t something everyone can pull off, but I think she does.

As for the sandals, love em or hate em? Leave your opinion in the poll.

As for Nandita’s look, let us know via comments. ;)


Left: Whitney Port
Right: Nandita Mahtani


Free People Bootie Sandal (Buy)

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  1. i think any other color would have looked really ugly but the brown looks fab, especially since she kept the whole rest of her look minimal.

  2. actually i prefer these on nandita.. than whitney cause her legs so skinny.. looks like sticks in these sandals.. as the sandals are kinda big..

  3. her feet alone look nice in them, but i just cant imagine how comfortable these shoes can be. wouldn’t your ankles feel like something is trying to strangle them?

    on another note, did someone here mention (a few posts ago) that the little white in her front hair is natural? i am just wondering why it’s there, because she would strike me as the type to randomly dye that bit of her hair white.

  4. i hate them!!!!! THey look so bad! and @ PeachBellini, I think she dyed her hair in a really light shade of blonde so it may look white. Or maybe she did dye it white…wth if so y????

  5. I don’t really like them but I don’t hate them.
    I actually like them better on Nandita. Whitney’s legs look scarily thin.

  6. I agree not everyone can pull it off, have to extra careful what works with these sandals, Nandita got lucky with her ensemble, it ended up looking good. The sandals have the potential to be gorgeous with the right clothes.

  7. I agree with Saya, the sandals have a very masculine feel to them. I would actually be interested to see them on a man, actually. anyways, I thin they complement Nandita’s outfit, only because of the brown, earthy look they have…doubt I’d want to see them in any other color save for white or black. :-\

  8. i love those sandals. And I also have a pair myself. But it’s true ..only a certain few can pull them off. And you cannot wear them with just anything…it has to be worn with the right outfit.

  9. Good sandals to hide ones ugly feet! Maybe that’s why she bought/wore them. Next time hide those knees too sweetie, stick to longer dress’s or kaftans


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