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It was back to back blazer/jacket+dress look for designer Nandita Mahtani on day four and five of the HDIL Couture Week. While the blazer/jackets themselves were very interesting and we love pairing dresses with them, the dresses Nandita wore them with made both looks fall quite flat! The military cropped jacket would’ve looked better with denims/tank as would the white blazer with a longer dress.

Oh well!

P.S Nandita is carrying a Givenchy clutch with the olive jacket.

Nandita Mahtani At HDIL Couture Week 2010, Day 4 and 5

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Apart from pairing the jacket with wrong clothes, the hair and make up is slightly off too.I embrace people who are against the whiter-skin-is-better movement. But this looks too bronzy and perhaps unnatural.

  2. Love the silver shoes and Givenchy clutch. I think she does not put on make up because she know she would not look good, she does not have the features for heavy eye make up. I like her natural look.

  3. Her outfits are very cute and she has fantastic legs to carry of those super short dresses. She shouldn’t lighten her hair so much – doesn’t look natural.

  4. okay lets start with cleaning the face and removing all the bronzer , next step, color ur hair natural or more indian instead of the dirty blonde / golden look …

    now to the dress…not so bad actually

  5. The white jacket is a Balmain from 2 seasons ago!
    Although the one she’s sporting has slightly less defined shoulder pads! So you never know, could be a piece “Inspired”

    • I think your talking about that line of balmain jackets that kinda look like summin M.J would wear!
      I LOVE THOSE! I’ve been wanting the black one which looks JUST like the one this chick is wearing in white.

  6. sorry shristi the white jacket is a chloe and very much an orignal.i have the same jacket. need to do ur research well.before u post on a social website.


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