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Nandini celebrated her birthday with a Mahabharata themed bash on Saturday in Delhi to which she wore a Shantanu-Nikhil. Given the theme, her and Kalyani’s (in Komal Sood) modern take on the sari seemed quite appropo and we have to admit they both wear it well. Just wish Nandini had picked a more subtle pair of sandals. But, that’s just me!


Nandini Bhalla and Kalyani Chawla at Mahabharata Themed Bash


Shantanu and Nikhil, WIFW A/W 2013

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    • Oh goodness, typos galore. That was supposed to read:

      Would* someone please enlighten me:

      Is that* a saree tied differently (+pants) or an entirely separate garment?

      Thanks! :)

  1. Lady in first pic looks like she has a massive headache and is doing some self treatment! Kalyani Chawla carries her look really well though I’m not a fan of this sari-pants look – just looking at the model makes me think you could not walk in this except by mincing about!

  2. The theme shouldve been Minnie mouse at her daughter’s wedding.

    There is nothing remo—-tely Mahabharatha (or nice) about this look.

  3. I am still not on board. This is what I did as a five year old – wear my mom’s sarees over my jeans. Years later it becomes a fashion statement. Who would have thought.

  4. A grey turban/headscarf? Mahabharata calls for a Big Gold Crown on the head if anything. I’m positive these ladies never missed an episode of Mahabharata yet they are dressed up in this dull sari!

  5. Komal Sood I love this outfit!!! So versatile!!! Will wear the sequinned pants on its own soon too and that blouse is to die for!!!! Merci!!


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