Sari Style

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It was a sari again (sorta!) for Ms. Bhalla on day four, this time a blue Play Clan one. Am a huge fan of the brand and love that they are launching saris but not quite digging the way Nandini wore hers, over a dress.

You like?

Left: Nandini Bhalla at WLIFW Spring 2013
Right: Play Clan Sari

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I dont see much resemblance to a saree in any of those pictures. Whatever garment it is, it looks awesome on the model and look bad on the other lady.

  2. She looks hideous! She’s ruined such a beautiful sari. The drape looks very clumsy and like the addition of the sari to the dress was an afterthought!

  3. She looks like a she wrapped a colourful bedspread over her dress. The makeup is also very clownish…

    So much for being a fashion editor!


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