WTHeyy: The Male Edition

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Its hard to judge who was worse, but they both sure gave us a good laugh!

R Madhavan
Akshaye Khanna

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  1. seriuosly guys , the outfit on left looked more like some maternilty wear……….
    and y do these bollywood male actors wear make up (or foundation/ base coat) even @ off screen appearances ……… a big no no

  2. akshaye still looks better than compared to a lot of his other disasters…and OMG he waxed his chest!?!? Ok, that IS a huge improvement! LoL i dont even care what he wears now…at least he doesnt look like an ape.

    And Madhavan…noooo! he looks sooo…unstar like. i liked his look in RDB…not his hair in that movie but.

  3. I like kannu’s observation. he DOES look like a waiter!

    but whats with this whole hairless obsession. hair is fine. particularly on men. soon we’ll be waxing eyebrows and heads in our growing distaste of bodily hair…

    that said, P&P nice to see some men here! both have their signature expressions on too. big grin for maddy, and constipated look for khanna

  4. last time i saw akshaye khanna, he has no hair on his head and a thick bush escaping from his shirt

    now its exact opposite, except the bush is still growing

  5. Mahavan’s Like, “Hello Ladies, I will be your server tonight. For desert, I will show you my cinnabuns. Enjoy your dinner at Chip N Dales.”

  6. This was a good laugh. Seeing men here was fun and I think P&P you should do it often. Most Bollywood heroes dress terribly off-screen. Akshaye here is worse – ganji, satin-y shirt, felt-ish jacket and acid washed jeans… ewwww!!
    @the mad momma: rofl – big grin… constipated look
    said it exactly like it is!!!!!!

  7. Peeping Mode [Emma],
    I couldn’t agree more. My first reaction to seeing Maddy was “Aye Waiter, do chai lana!” (Yo Waiter, bring two cups of tea) ;)

  8. hey agree with madmomma…whats with the hairless obsession..i personally like my men with a bit of hair on arms and chest…makes em macho!!

  9. Madhavan is a charming and likable guy but his dress sense is terrible. FYI – his wife is his designer – so obviously he can’t fire her!
    Wish someone was there make him tell his wife to now on focus on their baby and enjoy the money he makes or find some other job!.

  10. i always knew bollywood men were worse dressers than the female lot,good to finally have that in print…i think some hair looks good on men,its just when the hair is the only thing thats showing,remember anil kapoor?i think akshay always has the same xpression,madhavan foundation thing started ,i think,when he used to powder his face when going to school ;-)wait till you see lipstick on their lips.

  11. I am in Australia and I have seen that look on younger guys… with the jacket and some sought of a hat. But none of these men are that young.


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