It’s Giveaway Time!

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Hi Mumbai readers! Thanks to the folks at Brown Paper Bag, five of you could win a Coup Card (worth Rs. 2100) that gets you 15% off an entire bill at 15 of Mumbai’s restaurants, bars and store for six months and can be used unlimited times in that period.

To win, tell us (via the comments section) any five of the places that the card is valid at. Your hint is here.

Giveaway ends on 19th of July and is open only to Mumbai residents.

As usual, comments will not be approved until after the giveaway is over. Please do not leave personal information in the comments.


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  1. Amazing contest! :)
    Five places the card is valid at are
    1. Mamagoto
    2. Godrej Nature’s Basket
    3 Olive Bar & Kitchen
    4. Ellipsis
    5. Busaba

  2. For this one, here are the any 5 places one could use the Coup card in Mumbai:

    1. The Pantry
    2. Busaba
    3. Le 15 Patisserie
    4. JamJar Diner
    5. Irish House

    PS: I always participate but never get acknowledged or win.

  3. The five restaurants where the Coup Card is valid are:

    1. Busaba
    2. Jamjar Diner
    3. Indigo Deli + Cafe
    4. Olive Bar & Kitchen
    5. The White Owl

    Fingers crossed as always! :)

  4. following are few of the places coup card is valid.

    Indigo Deli + cafe
    Irish House

    bon appetit :)

  5. Hi,

    Here are the 5 places the card is valid at:
    1. Busaba
    2. Olive Bar & Kitchen
    3. The Pantry
    4. Pizza Express
    5. Sancho’s


  6. oooh the Coup card!
    Five places that the card is valid at are:
    1. Indigo Deli + Cafe
    2. Irish House
    3. Olive Bar and Kitchen
    4. Busaba
    5. Serafina

  7. The Coup Card is valid at Indigo Deli, Le15 Patisserie, Suzette, Olive Bar & Kitchen, The Yoga House and many more awesome places. Indeed a Coup!!

  8. The five places where the Coup Card can be used are :-

    1. Olive Bar Kitchen.
    2.Irish House
    3.Four Seasons Hotel
    4.Indigo Deli + Cafe
    5.JamJar Diner

  9. Five places the coup card is valid are:
    Godrej Nature’s Basket
    Le 15 Patisserie
    The Pantry
    Olive Bar and Kitchen
    Pizza Express

  10. The Coup Card is valid at the following joints:

    1. Indigo Deli
    2. The White Owl
    3. Mamagoto
    4. Busaba
    5. Irish House
    6. Four Seasons Hotel (restaurants San-Qi etc.)

  11. Hi There,
    The BpB Coup Card is valid at:
    1. Kofuku
    2. Ellipsis
    3. Le 15 Patisserie
    4.The Pantry
    5. Sanchos
    and many more of my favorite restaurants!

    Thank you,

  12. Ooh, I’d so love a Coup Card in time for my birthday next month.

    5 places it’s valid at:
    Irish House
    Godrej Nature’s Basket
    Indigo Deli + Cafe
    Le 15 Patisserie

    And yes, I live in Mumbai. :)

  13. Great card, a friend used it at Sancho’s. Can also be used at Serafino, Busaba, Kofuku, Mamagoto and Olive Bar and kitchen….some of my favorites :)

  14. Thanks for the lovely Giveaway!
    The names of the places (in Mumbai) are-
    Irish House
    The Pantry
    The White Owl

  15. The five places the coup card gets u 15% off are –
    1. Busaba
    2. Ellipsis
    3. Indigo Deli + Cafe
    4. Le 15 Patisserie
    5. Olive Bar & Kitchen

  16. Hi,

    The Coup Card is valid at –
    a. Busaba
    b. Ellipsis
    c. Sancho’s
    d. Mamagoto
    e. The Yoga House

    I am hoping to win it! ;p

    PS: I truly love your website! <3

  17. five places the card can be used at
    irish house
    indigo deli and cafe
    four seasons hotel
    le 15 patisserie
    olive bar & kitchen

  18. I want this!!! It can be used at some of my favorite places, Suzette, Indigo Deli, Sanchos, Olive Bar and Kitchen, The Daily!

  19. Five places the coup card is valid at:
    – Indigo deli + cafe
    – Jamjar diner
    – Mamgato
    – Oliva bar & kitchen
    – Suzetter

  20. I will list my 5 fav ones out of the list:
    1. Woodside Inn
    2. The yoga house
    3. Sanchos
    4. Ellipsis
    5. Olive bar & kitchen
    6. Irirsh house (Couldn;t resist at 5) :P :P


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