Move Over Sabyasachi, Here Comes Raghavendra!

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Rathore has also forayed into home textiles partnering with Carmichael House, the premium home textile brand for S Kumars.

This is what Rathore mentions about his collection – “By the rule of the book, people are attracted to beautiful things. The motifs are reminiscent of the bygone era in Rajasthan, and will flaunt the grandeur of murals, mosaics, palaces and forts,”

The collection is divided into two sub brands — the reasonably-priced Raghavendra Rathore Club Jodhpur, with modern chic design motifs; the luxurious Rathore Home is available at a higher price point. The pieces from the collection range from Rs 995 to Rs 4000.

Why do I have the feeling that tonight I won’t be sleeping too well on my current bed sheets!


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