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Look what Madeline Weinrib has done with Ikat. I absolutely love the furniture and the pillows that she has designed!



And how much fun is this Ikat pillow with a pop-spin giving it that unusual print!


On an aside, Ikat is a style of weaving that uses a dyeing process similar to tie-dye before the threads are woven, to create a pattern or design. Ikat means “to tie” or “to bind” in the Malay language.

India, Japan and several South-East Asian countries have cultures with long histories of Ikat production (among other things), and Double Ikats can still be found in India, Guatemala, Japan and the Indonesian islands of Bali and Kalimantan!

In fact, a Double Ikat from Gujrat, used to be exported to Indonesia for the use of the royal families. And if you were to look, the striking similarities between Double Ikats produced in Bali, Indonesia and those in Gujrat are hard to miss.

Oh, and the Double Ikat from Gujrat? Also known as Patola. Ring a bell?

Weaving a small world after all?

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  1. @ Anon

    It is hard to determine where Ikat originated especially because woven fabric hardly ever survives more than a few centuries! It is however believed that it probably developed in several different locations independently.

    @ Rajni

    Who would’ve thought? Thanks, much!


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