Kajol in Harper’s Bazaar: The Spread

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You’ve seen the cover and the gold Thampi, here is more of Kajol from the Bazaar June edition wearing Just Cavalli, Victoria Beckham and Azaaro with jewellery from Gehna and Farah Khan Ali.

We’ve all noticed, even marveled at Kajol’s fashion/style transformation… And now this magazine spread only reinforces it. Like the Kajol 2.0?


Left: In Just Cavalli
Right: In Victoria Beckham


In Azaaro

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. Kajol 2.0??! Where the heck is rest of her….in photoshop?
    They’ve made her as skinny as malaika, give or take a lb. any self-respecting body-conscious person is going to be offended by this spread.
    I can’t even be objective bout the fashion bz of it…how could kajol let this pass?

  2. Im loving Kajol 2.0.. though after her boyish style, she had her KKHH + KKKG days of desi glam, she has moved on to 3.0 which is the present day Couture glam… so gorgeous.
    Love Gehna’s emerald set and the white dress is super sexy

  3. now here is a lady who has hired the right stylist. the clothes are age and body shape appropriate and not frumpy. to top it off,the lady herself looks happy in her skin.

    ARB and stylist, take note.

  4. Must say their is something about her cause the camera loves her even though she is not a beauty. girls prettier than her dont look this good in photos

  5. i LOVE her all over again! and eh hem… Madhuri really needs to get a hold of whoever is doing Kajol &/or SriDevi. cuz she is def. lagging….!

    • Hi, if you have Zinio or Issu (I think) it might be possible to buy an online version of the magazine. Zinio has an iPad app that works very well too.

  6. I might receive flak for this…but I liked the Kajol who gave two hoots about anything the world deemed necessary to look the star she already was….don’t we have enough cookie cutter clones spending lakhs to look just like each other without the Kajols and Madhuris succumbing too…
    PS: How leonine really are her features…she looks fierce just being herself..

  7. agree that she has transformed but there’s still alot of photoshop at work here. The looks no doubt are well put together and she looks good.

  8. Her face and expressions are so captivating that i’m not even noticing the photoshopped body. Damn the camera loves this girl! Major girl crush on her since the DDLJ-KKHH days. In my book she can do no wrong!

  9. I am disappointed that kajol succumbed to photoshop. Not a little but ALOT. Sorry folks I cannot comment on her photoshopped transformation because this person as someone mentioned earlier does not exist. She can be styled well with her body type yet chose to look like the bolly clones. What a disappointment.

  10. The white dress and her skin seem to be of the same colour! Yes, this is an excellent photoshop job.

    She has every right to be glam, but I wish she kept a little of her “devil may care” attitude.

  11. she looks good, but again the photoshopping (she is not THAT thin in real life photos!) and the whitewashing really get to me!

    Wish they would have stuck to her real figure and real skin colour, not made her to look like a white Barbie!

  12. I used to love Kajol during her baazigar days but I don’t care much for this new avatar. I find the white washing of her skin color totally offensive and even racist. Do be fashionable, somehow I should magically morph into a white person?

  13. Thank goodness for photoshop! This is the best she will ever look!…If only this woman was vain, she would look good always!

  14. Why are so may commentators irritated with the Photoshopping of the pictures? This is a fashion magazine people! skin tones will be changed, flaws will be hidden to make things pretty!! It’s why we have those filter apps on our cell phones before we upload our pics on Facebook!
    lighten up!!

    • “flaws will be hidden to make things pretty”

      Are you saying that Kajol’s natural skin tone (shared by a large number of Indian women) is a flaw? Or, do you mean to say that not looking like a size zero is a flaw?

      The fact that this photoshopping spree by fashion magazines is reinforcing racist and unhealthy views about women’s bodies is a HUGE problem. How can I comment on these photos when this person is not even Kajol? I am annoyed that the magazine decided that Kajol’s face and body is not good enough to be on its cover and completely changed it to look like another cookie-cutter bollywood “look”. Where is this woman’s individuality?

    • But if all of us don’t speak up against it, these magazines will continue to propagate false body images. Women come in all colours, shapes and sizes, and we should celebrate that. Some of us may know what the difference between real and these shoots are, but I am sure there are many women, worse still, many young girls who are going through terrible depression because of body image issues, and are resorting to actions that cause dangerous health problems like bulimia.
      There is a major difference between our Facebook pics and these mag covers. Our pics are seen by maybe max 1000 people, unlike millions who are influenced by magazine celebrity pictures. Also, photoshopping is fine if they cover up flaws, not morph them into totally different shapes, sizes and colours.

  15. I think extreme photoshop irritates people because if you shop to this extent and say she’s amazing, gown looks great then it’s completely false. This isn’t just some airbrushing or removing a zit. If kajol in her natural size wore these exact same gowns, she certainly wouldn’t look this amazing. There are many examples of her non photoshop dress pics and positive comments were so few. So yeah it’s annoying to try to make us wow at something so fake! We’d feel that way about anyone, not just her. Like we all wow at Shipa’s body and it’s not photoshopped to the extreme, she worked hard and looks amazing. Kajol doesn’t look like this, far from it.

  16. Oh wow! That is so not Kajol’s body, not that it matters…her face and eyes are just so byooooootifulll. Silly to do thaaaaat much “photochopping”.

  17. I recently read that beyonce did not approve h&m bikini final cover of her because she was made to look thinner and fairer. H&m reverted and have published the originals. If kajol also was adamant then surely the mag would have no choice but I guess we can’t blame the mag completely as kajol sold out too. I guess she wants to be thin and fair. Echoing someone else’s sentiments that we all will look fab photshopped and the “camera would love us” too!

  18. This is so weird… I thought her fashion bug was a result of not working / being out of limelight, but this “i wanna be thin n fair” version of Kajol is repulsive… Is she the same person who wouldnt even get her eyebrows done?

    As far as looks go, she’s quite pretty anyway and didnt have any reason to go do this…

    and i do wonder with this extreme photoshopping- why bother with taking the pics even, just morph the faces from any pic, with any model’s body…
    I dont get the point..
    Correction would be removing some incidental spots or zits.. not lightening skin tones and altering shapes!

  19. All of you people are freaking insane if you think Kajol, of all people in the world, would allow for photoshopping of either her color or body.

    I just read the filmfare issue where she discusses her regimen. She weight trains. Lifts weights that even a man would find difficult to lift and does 200-300 full body push ups EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    I know a person who knows her trainer. That is how she looks.

    So let me play this violin while you guys can cry into the Ganges about how you could never look like that.

    Everyone has told me that I look just like her, and have the same devil may care attitude, and I will be damned if I let her be undefended here. (people who believe its photo-shopped and say its ok, do not count as defense)

  20. Some comments are soo stupiid. She is awesome, They need to face it =P

    photoshoped or not she is one of the most beautiful and natural actress in Bollywood =)

    By the way, nowdays who is not photoshoped?… So please stop being jealous! =D



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