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If you think the velvet boots was the only bad thing going on with this look on Monikangana, think again! Check inside to find out how Ms. Dutta made an already bad look worse. Much much worse!

P.S. That is a Pria Kataria Puri tunic on Moni.

Monikangana Dutta at a performance by Let’s Tango artists

Can someone explain to me what are those shoes she has on ?!?

Monikangana Dutta at Let’s Tango Event

Photo Credit: BollywoodHungama

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  1. O-M-G

    here i was thinking, “the shoes have almost been captured by the pic…we have the full image, what MORE could it be?”

    and dear lord.

    dear dear dear lord.

    it was a WTHeyyy! for the first pic but a WTF?!?!?! for the second part? :P

    • oh my! dint expect it from her being a model & she looked nice in guzarish.

      agree with u. all these designer clothes,money, beauty r waste without fashion sense.

  2. I actually would wear red velvet boots if they were all red velvet that is! and a more muted outfit where the shoes were the only highlight may actually work. In other news, P&P I want you guys to try out polyvore and see how you fare!

  3. may be she is doing it on purpose.
    i love it when someone breaks all the norms of aesthetics, and makes us realize how bounded we are by what we have collectively prescribed as the ‘norm’ just because we have grown up thinking a certain way…

    (please god, please have her do THIS on purpose and not by mistake!)


  4. SO GLAD I HIT “MORE” ON THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one I shall never forget lol that is just plain rediculous. I just dont get it- velvet socks? clogs?! wtheyyyyyyyyy

  5. HOLY mother of FUGLINESS!!

    I was like: Maybe the poncho tunic thaingamigy has cuts or slits or something hideous.

    BUT this is beyond explanation. What is Moni trying to portray here? What?!

  6. I hope to god that those red velvet shoes are part of her performance gear n shes wearing those hideous slippers to protect the soft soles before she does whatever she has to do on stage. But anyways, this girl needs a stylist especially if she wants to stay in B-town. And yeah wud certainly like a more well put together Victoria’s Secret Angel. Hears praying that she reads this blog

  7. My My My!!! If she was in Hollywood, they would bring this pic up every single time there is a fashion discussion and hold it as THE ultimate disaster.

  8. I’ll never get why people make such a fuss about this woman. Exotically beautiful? Don’t see it. Fashionable? Definitely don’t see it! Those velvet socks tucked into those fug leather shoes make her look like Yeti (a red one)!

  9. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah, *fell of the chair laughing* *get up again on the chair and continue to laugh* ahaahahahahahhaahahahahhaha !

  10. OMG! compared to THIS ekta’s shoes are real trendsetters!

    “She is represented by the IMG, a top international modeling agency which also represents Gisele Bündchen, Julianne Moore and Naomi Campbell.”

    IMG, you guys have taste! :P

  11. is she messed in her head? like does she have a mirror at her home?! She looks yuck. whats up with her shoes . disgusting. and make up ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. and her outfit is just horrible.

  12. who made those seriously??its velvet and leather??omg…totall not acceptable coming from a girl as beautiful as her..they have designers @ their fingertips and this is what some of these pple choose to wear..i am shocked:

  13. Sweetheart, that’s a € 10,000 Ferragamo shoe. You don’t know much about the International Fashion scene, do you. Get out of your cave and visit France to learn. Why don’t you keep your focus on what you are good at? Like sarees and lehengas?

    Indian fashion critics! Hahahaha! Buy some Zara dear and it will look good.

    • Its sad that its ferragamo and it still looks like a wreck.. Im unable to find the shoe online.. do u have a link where the shoe is featured.. ?

  14. OMG Don’t want to be harsh.. but this one is really really,, I don’t how did she come up with this idea.. but it must a horrible bet with cruel kind of frnz.. how wanted to make serious fun of her.


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