Waa. Da. Heyyy!

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She’s got the boots, the black catsuit and a cape. All we need is a hat and sword and Ms. Dutta’s transformation would be quite complete. No? (Of course, we’d like for that cape to be much longer!)


Left: Puss In Boots from Shrek
Right: Monikangana Dutta at Hrithik Roshan Birthday Bash at Aurus

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. ummm this is all for today!? :(:(:(

    this is so appalling that i rather NOT see it, i could go postless for a day than look at this not even worth blog space. usually its fun to critic but this is just toooo bad jeeezz

  2. I am sure sanjay bhansali will transform her into something beautiful!
    This is a disaster! I can’t beleive she is actually some top model in india…

  3. omg when i saw this i couldn’t stop laughing! NICE ONE!

    not only is this outfit horrendously hideous, she also doesn’t seem to be aware of the camera flash problem :(

  4. she is actually very pretty normally, just google her and you’ll see. i thought models coudn’t get any worse in their dress sense than mugdha godse but monika proved me wrong!

    • CM,
      We get all the pics and did see Monikangana in her outfit. We just decided to post a few others first. FYI, All pics that you see on other sites come to us also. We then decided which to post and when to maintain a steady flow of posts rather than post all first and then nothing for a while.

    • dont worry dida..the boots r not a problem here.. the outfit is.. don’t wear it the way she did lol rofl.. with jeans or a skirt u`ll rock it

  5. Actually she looks amazing on the catwalk and very striking in ads/photos. She has unique features that, when styled and made up properly, translate into a high fashion look in photos. Based on this pic though, she lacks any sense of style.

      • they dont photoshop you on the catwalk. She’s definitely not conventionally good looking but when she’s properly grommed and dressed in couture (as opposed to THIS mess) she looks quite striking and it translates well on the runway

  6. actually i think she started out as catwoman..and then went down to just cat.. and then got confused with the classy mr puss in boots. she now presents herself as a SUPER(mess)WOMAN.
    sorry…im usually not this mean..hehe. HHC brings out the evil in me :)

  7. Hahaha…..you made my day! Nearly puked my breakfast! Saw J.Lo in catsuit on New Year broadcast and thought she looked bad, but this takes the cake.

  8. BTW, apart from starring opposite Hrithik in Bansali’s next, Monkanaga has also walked for Chanel and John Galliano in Paris and appeared in the inaugral issue of the Indian Vogue (along with Preity Zinta, Priyanka Chopra and Lakshmi Menon)


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