Pretty In Pink?

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Monica Bedi also attended the Rajasthan Royals bash (don’t ask me why) in a really bad recreation of the fabulous Lanvin silhouette. The color was nice on her but the materials used for the dress made it look more tacky than classy!

Pretty in pink, this one was so not!


Monica Bedi at the Rajasthan Royals Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. You know how when people KNOW thy look off or they’re wearing something bad and they have that almost guilty look like, “I know this looks bad, but…be nice?” She’s got that look.

  2. btw payal, she’s prob there cuz she was in in the indian version of Celebrity Big Brother, and she may have become quite a good friend of Shilpa’s….just a possibility

  3. I didnt like the fact that there is so much bias against certain people on this blog monica, sophie choudhary or even anu dewan. I hate the mocking that is involved for eg …”why is monika attending tis particular bash?” or “I hate sophie coz her looks are horsey”. I dont think it is anyones prerogative to make such a comment. It would be really nice if we limit the comments to peoples clothes and not give a biased judgement.

  4. I’m sure everybody would go gaga over this dress if somebody were to find out its a variation Lanvin dress..not that it is. Maybe she doesn’t have the $10000 to buy the real version..but she doesn’t look any less than the charu sachdeva in this copy of the dress.

  5. When I first laid eyes on her, I fell in love because she looked so angelic, then I wiki-ed her and found out she has her fair share of (really) dirty laundry, but still… I can’t help but giver her the benefit of the doubt. Jhalak Dikhlaja’s helping her image (for me).

    Uhhh onto my real comment: @Fatima, I was gonna say the same thing. The color of her “blouse”?? looks really pretty against her skin tone but something about the draped material seems “peekah” for lack of better word.

  6. it’s a hideous lanvin knock off. people r probably too intimidated or fascinated by monica’s underworld connections to dare to not invite her.

  7. Nice color but i have to agree it does look a bit tacky. kinda reminds me of the white Zac Posen dress Freida wore to the Critics’ Choice Awards. Loveddd that one..but this one…not so much. Monica Bedi is pretty tho.

  8. priya,

    if we all did that, then we’d be zombies. we have a thought process and opinions, which we are going to voice if given the forum and opportunity. if you don’t like it, then by all means, don’t partake in it.

  9. The dress looks so different depending on who’s wearing it. It looks weird here, like a half-sari or something. Like the color and Monica looks better than usual. Shoes are awful.

  10. this dress reminds me of “satyam shivam sundaram”..kinda!
    She is pretty but I watched Big Boss (mainly for Diana Hayden..that woman rocks my sox :)) , and Monika was such a cunning shrewd lil player.


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