Vogue 10th Anniversary Edition: (Un)Covered

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Vogue is also celebrating their 10th anniversary this year with a cover that featured some very familiar faces and one not so one. Who else like me went Whoa at seeing Mithali Raj in that Johanna Ortiz jumpsuit! She looks so good.

Remember their first cover also featuring Priyanka?

Padma Lakhmi in Altuzarra
Priyanka Chopra in Off-White
Natalia Vodianova in Mugler

Mithali Raj in Johanna Ortiz
Shah Rukh Khan in Raisson D’Etre
Nita Ambani in Elie Saab and Valentino

Twinkle Khanna in Roberto Cavalli
Sonam Kapoor in Osman
Anushka Sharma in Francesco Scognamiglio over La Perla
Karan Johar in Custom Suit With Gucci Shirt

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  1. Padmalakshmi looks so damn hot. She, Natalia & Anushka look the least photoshopped. Mithali Raj – that doesnt even look like her. What is the need to photoshop- air brush her body/face so much? And Nita, LOL!

  2. Me, or does the contouring/ light on skin looks funny. It is almost as if the aperture was reduced to make the skins look darker? Karan Johar’s skin tone is not that dark, is it?

  3. I cant believe these covers are celebrating 10 years!!! Such lack of energy, no cohesiveness to pics, overcrowding, photoshopping just about everything is wrong. But Twinkle – omg what have they done!!!!!

  4. These covers have taken photoshop to ridiculous levels!! Had to look 3 times before I could figure that was Twinkle. How could she allow this to be done to her!?!

  5. Such lackluster covers with the same old folk. No point in even having Mithali who deserves better than the Vogue treatment of making everything a wall of bland. Who even buys these mags(Rs 150 of glossy mediocrity) or are they run, read and bought by the air kissing crowd.

  6. Vogue India has the least imaginative creative team. You have the same set of Bollywood faces on the cover pages who are badly styled. Can’t tell whether they are celebrating 10 years or collection of some page 3 events.

  7. What are SRKhan and Johar doing on th cover for a “Women of the year” themed edition? And all the women have been contoured and photoshopped to within an inch of their lives. Ridiculous even by Vogue’s usually low standards.

  8. I have started getting bored of reading Vogue now. I can’t even relate to everything on those magazine. Time to unsubscribe soon. Any other recommendations?

  9. Is this a joke ? Why are people like twinkle Khanna, Nita Ambani, KJO on the cover of Vogue even !

    As someone said, Vogue India is the most unimaginative brand of Vogue, primarily because it comprise common Bollywood friends who give two hoots to fashion, and are only bothered about giving freebies and pictures to their friends ! Other than people pleasing, what else can explain wives of rich people on this cover . People like Anahita are to blame for this mess of a magazine.

    These covers are so confusing , what are they trying to project, what’s the theme?

  10. Seriously what have these people achieved beside Priyanka who succeeded abroad. Seems like this is all Karans gang full of elitist and nepots who look down on the common people and outsiders. Besides all three covers as bad as the other. Reminds me of the 90s filmfare covers. Extreme Photoshopping as well. So trashy compared to the American vogue.

  11. So what exactly is this? A bunch of people who were at a private party decided to meet the next morning and take some pictures together??

    This is the poorest cover design I have ever seen of any magazine. So uninspired, dull, incoherent right from the clothes and makeup to the poses or background. Even family portrait photographers are able to enthuse more creativity and zest into pictures than this monstrosity.
    How is the Indian Vogue team allowed to get away with this, I wonder.


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