In Amrita Thakur

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Wearing Amrita Thakur, Mira attended a charity event in Mumbai. With her hair pulled back in to a ponytail, she rounded out the look with understated jewelry and neutral sandals. She looked nice.

Mira Kapoor At Helping Hands Foundation Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Even though I love her natural dewy makeup, smile and her neutrals, I somehow cannot get my head around the white bra underneath the transparent choli, that too at a charity event.

  2. She looks lovely, but I agree with the other comments re. see through top. Totally unnecessary and actually takes away from the overall look. Why can’t celebs wear normal clothes? Are they always under pressure to dress “differently”? India has so many beautiful regional clothes but celebs always wear the same old stuff and its almost always event in-appropriate and showing too much skin.

    The guys are just as bad, turning up to weddings etc in jeans and trainers. That really gets my goat!!! Rant over!

    • True on guys wearing jeans to weddings I always felt it is because of the way our society works. They would never give a woman a pass to attend weddings or traditional events in jeans or some Western dress. But somehow they all give men a pass to wear jeans to weddings, like they just ignore this difference of jeans vs traditional wear when it comes to men. All this traditional vs Western things in general society is reserved only for women.

    • Well said. But if you look at the comments on PC’s clothes in another post, you’d think folks are very supportive of such dressing. Makes me wonder if I’m actually a prude nowadays when I look at a picture and think thats too much skin show lol.
      I think a woman in a jean and top would be totally accepted if they turned up normally…i.e. no whimsical skin show for the sake of it. The fact that nowadays weddings have become an alternate runway with one designer getting the contract to dress the WHOLE party is so comical and absurd. I’d love for a wedding guest to turn up in a normal jean or top but then how will MM, AJSK and Sabyasachi showcase their looks!


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