At It Again!

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Mid-day has done it before with us (see here) and now they’ve gone and done it again! We credited where credit is due, how about Mid-day learn to do the same??

Read the article here.


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  1. P

    You’ve brought this up before and we responded to it but in case you didn’t see that comment of ours, here goes…

    We know what you are saying but you’ve got to realize unlike other sites we always clearly mention our sources. We don’t claim magazine images as our own, we credit the original source! And the lack of advertising on this site should tell you that we make no money at all, do not use them in any commercial manner; they are purely for editorial and commenting purposes.

    There are images that we buy (the posts where there are no ’sources’ mentioned) and all other posts credit their original owners. We cannot reiterate this enough. We’ve clearly stated the same in our disclaimer (toolbar on the right of the page).

    Also we don’t randomly scan images from magazines and post them, we always put them in context with runway pictures or something that gives it a ‘story’ which is something we really work at… finding that corresponding runway picture isn’t always easy!

    IPR is something we take seriously and we’ll surely find out more and make sure we are crossing our Ts and dotting our Is… Thanks.

  2. Gosh.. midday seriously has to better their act.. all they do is malign famous ppl or copy like that!.. PnP – i think you should take HHC to a different level.. like a magazine or paper..u guys do such a lot of hard work, its a shame it reaches only to a few ppl.

  3. this is plain sick!!! its in poor taste!

    I was running a blog last year and finally had to shut it down as there were couple of other folks who used to replicate (just cut & paste) all my posts and also steal the photos. Watermarking it didn’t stop it either…one of them just cropped out that part. So I ended up heavily watermarking the photos, thereby losing the aesthetic quality of the photos.

    One of the popular desi blogs recently had a discussion on magazines & e-newspapers plagiarising or plain lifting content & photos from blogs and flickr etc and using it without paying the original owners or crediting it to them. You girls should add this incident to it.

    Coming to the designer, this kind of blatant plagiarism, especially now with so many international buyers at the fashion shows, is just going to spoil other indian designers’ credibility too.

    Ethics should be taught to the employees at the e-magazine and e-newspapers (and also at school level).

  4. I write among many tabloids for Midday, they have been around for years, as you all know, and to be fair to them they only write what sells, in other words its about getting the tabloid sold. They dont make any claims for being original, they are tabloid that is intrested in covering a niche of the market where there may be others. I think you should take it as imitation being the best form of flattery, and not taking things like this too personally.

  5. @Adit, all publications want to be read but does that mean they should be lifting stuff off others’ indiscriminately? your defence of them doesn’t wash. best form of flattery, indeed!

  6. JUST credit the Author/Source…is that so difficult????

    that should be the motto of any publication……

    and P&P get yourself a good lawyer!

  7. and I hae to disagree COMPLETELY Adit, what is the difference between doing this and copying a design- which you say is disgusting (or somthing of the like)?!
    at the very least, they could have cited their source
    it’s all about integrity folks

  8. minority clan here..but wasnt that blatant copy design a news worthy item? I dont see how anyone ‘copies’ a news? if its read worthy it will appear on 20 tabloids for all i care
    Does HHC, by ‘due credit’ mean cite HHC for being the first to write about it??

  9. Sure news is broken across the board by many news outlets but when done after a time delay and when already there is a precedent of it having been done before, we are naturally ‘once bitten twice shy’!!

    Plus it isn’t even about crediting us… in this case, it wasn’t a story we did, it was ‘style asylum’ and we credited her… all we are saying is original source needs to be credited, whoever/whatever it may be!

  10. i see nothign wrong in it. i have seen many articles on this site copied from other sites. you never credit them have you. then i dont think u have any right to complain about mi-day.
    u do it it s not plagiarism and when others do it is.. double standards huh?

    now if u have the guts publish this comment and dont act ur normal self when u dont publish any comemnt suggesting u copied?

  11. Wrong,

    Care to clarify what is this post that we seem to have copied? There is a vast difference between using images vs using images together to put them into a context, which is what we do! In all cases, we always mention our ‘Source’.

    If you have read this blog long enough you know that we blog every day and continuously update the blog, weekends and holidays notwithstanding… We manage our day jobs, personal lives and still work away on the blog just to have fun and also include you all in it. We do not even have ads on this blog because we don’t believe that we should be making money over other people’s pictures.

    So its extremely discouraging when someone just randomly throws accusations at us!

    There are so many posts that are painfully obvious (it ain’t rocket science to know someone is wearing a particular label, when the cover says so!) that we see a zillion blogs post about them, should we go accusing all of them of lifting our content? Oh and trust us, there are many instances of our content having actually been lifted, but there’s only that much we can do!

    We do what we do and its pointless defending barbs like this. This blog is just for fun and fashion. And we want y’all (including us) just to have fun with it! At the end of the day we love hearing back from our readers so if you have any more issues, feel free to email us and we’ll do what we can to put your concerns to rest!

  12. its kinda sad to see some HHC viewers not supporting HHC during this time. Especially since so many people have claimed that their day is incomplete without logging on to HHC and that they’re completely hooked!
    Fair enough this may be regarded as a news item. And media has the power to publish a news item at any time it chooses to. But, I think everyone here agrees that Shweta S. actually did get her information from HHC. She didn’t actually go research by herself like HHC did! She reported on a topic that was found and researched by some one else and added a few more points and published it under her name!!! That is blatant cheating!

    P: If you have such a problem with HHC getting pictures from magazines, why are you still on this website? Where do expect P&P to get photos from? Do you expect them to go around running after celebrities for OUR amusement??

  13. OYE guys, if it is a one time occurance its okay, if its many times its more than a coincidence. Write to the publisher directly at MIDDAY or the Editor, they are aware of copyright issues and plagarism issues.

  14. I am not talking about the image source dear. I am talking of the content. Many things are obvious you say. Mid-day can say the same too, many things are obvious, great minds think alike and stuff like that. And you must very well know where you get the ideas from when you copy, i dont need to tell that.

    My problem is when you do it , you dont even allow the comment to get published, do you? and when mid-day creates it, you cry foul and its purely double standard.

    Before you point your fingers at others, look what you do first.

    I have nothign agaisnt you girls, i just want you girls to play a fair game.

    i dotn care if this comment goes thorugh, like most of mine never do, as long as you girls get the message, i am fine.

  15. @ wrong, I think I can see why most of your comments never go through :) And when you accuse someone of plagiarism, give concrete examples, don’t level vague accusations like, “And you must very well know where you get the ideas from when you copy, i dont need to tell that.”

    This shows you are trying to confuse the other readers into thinking that you know something they don’t. Well, if you do know it, then say it. Give a few examples and we’ll take it from there. Otherwise, there are plenty of other websites for you to spout your pointless vennom at.

  16. guys, chill, this happens all over the world….its not right, but not the end of the world…..think positive Obama has been elected, and its a new day and ….now things will look up for all of the world….:)

  17. How disappointing! Is Mid-day a tabloid magazine? Surely they know direct plagarism isn’t okay? I mean that’s one thing teachers hound into your head from the age of 13.

    Anyhow you should write to them, I’m sure the head people in charge won’t let such a thing slide. Watch out for an apology in the “correction section” (if they have one?) in their next issue.

    I’m sorry to hear this happened to you all! Not Cool, but you do know what this means, right? Start your own publication!! :)

  18. well my comments never go through because i tell them when they copy, got it and they doesnt seem to like that for obvious reasons

    double standards big time. i have notin against them, but they too do that, and they never allow comments about plagiarism to go through, how will you poor girls ever know about that?

  19. Wrong,
    A. All your comments have been approved… We know, because we can track via IP!

    B. We are still waiting for you to cite these so called plagiarized posts…

    C. We appreciate how carefully you go through all comments but please stop trying to incite drama. We work hard and there’s only that many of your comments we can respond to. Please send details about these posts you seem to think we have copied and we’ll put your concerns to rest.

    Hope to hear from you soon…


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