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The wedding reception of Shilpa and Raj maybe making headlines in India but in the U.S., the First Lady is grabbing headlines in the fashion world for wearing Indian-American designer Naeem Khan at the first State Dinner hosted by the President and the First Lady. The official guests at the dinner were Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife Gursharan Kaur, who wore a simple black Bomkai sari.

Also wearing saris were Rebecca Olson Gupta and Bhavna Shyamalan and while Katie didn’t wear a sari, she added a dash of Indian touch by wearing a coverup with an ethnic design (very reminescent of Bipasha). Needless to say, the night belonged to the First Lady.


Gursharan Kaur, Michelle Obama, Barak Obama and Manmohan Singh at the State Dinner


Left: Sanjay and Rebecca Olson Gupta
Right: M. Night and Bhavna Shymalan


Left: Brooks R. Perlin and Katie Couric
Right: Bobby and Supriya Jindal

Photo Credit: Daylife

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    • i think she thought it might have been too costumy on her..but let’s face it this lady knows what works and what doesn’t work for her…Bhavna Shymalan looks great yar!!!

  1. Love Mrs. Singh’s saree. My mom has a billion of those Kosa Silk sarees. Love Mrs Shyamlan as well. Love Katie Couric’s outfit too.
    Hate hate hate Mrs Jindal’s sad outfit *Little ponchu is hilarious) and hate Mrs Gupta’s as well.

    Michelle Obama is wearing an Indian American designer who used to work in JC penny’s curtain department before… (Just kidding but the Indian designer part is true …)

    BTW I ave a huge crush on Dr. Gupta and Bobby Jindal so, my opinion about their wives should be taken wit a pich of salt.

  2. I love Dr. Singh and he and his wife look so sweet and professional. Kudos to the First Lady for choosing NKhan. I wish Mrs. Singh had worn another colour though–she looks so pretty in pastels!!

  3. She is soo politically correct, choosing one of our best known export designers. i for one are extremely proud as he grew up in my neighbourhood, Colaba.

    But check out the Yahoo article on the designer – they called him little known desinger….really now, do your homework hons

    I think Mrs. Singh looks fab, so does Mrs Shyamalan.

  4. Michelle looks stunning! Mrs. Singh looks good too. But then they both always do.
    Mrs. Jindal should have worn something Indian. Oh wait, they don’t consider themselves Indian. Never mind.
    Couric and Bhavna, blah.
    Rebecca Olson, now that’s not a saree i’d wear to meet the President, but kudos for wearing it.

    • HAHAHAHA.. I was just going to write that no wonder Mrs. Jindal didn’t wear an Indian outfit. They really don’t think they’re Indians.
      I LOVEDDDDDDDDDD Mrs. Singh and Mrs. Shyamalan’s sari. Mrs. Shymalan is really pretty too!!
      Oh and I give credit to Mrs. Gupta for trying to wear something Indian but she failed!! What is she wearing?!?!

    • i hate how the jindals do that. there’s no use in denying who you are…because then you don’t even exist to yourselves.

      supriya looks nice, i suppose the dress could use a little alteration for the weirdish front, but why not come out in a sari? or in something vaguely indian, like katie? these people in denial don’t get the meaning of “the best of both worlds”!

      • Maybe they don’t need to wear something Indian to look Indian-afterall, who would mistake them for anything but Indian regardless of whether they wear gowns or saris?

  5. I find your comparison between Shilpa Shetty’s wedding and the State Dinner amusing… and sort of sad.
    But then again, I’m the one obsessed with Glee at the moment so I shouldn’t be one to talk
    Michelle Obama is so tall and gorgeous, and I always find Mr. President so boyishly cute when he smiles :)
    SANJAY GUPTA YAY! (but my heart belongs to Anderson Cooper- “bright as a new dime”…damn, it’s alwaysthe sexually questionable ones)

  6. Dr. Singh and his wife look so elegent, love his jacket. So happy to see Mrs. Obama in Naeem Khan, he is such a talented designer. Love the sari on Bhavna Sh…. draped so beautifully.

  7. LOVE mrs. shyamalan & mrs singh….kudos to mrs. gupta for trying…and and wonder why mrs.jindal could not get any indian inspiration ! First lady rocks as always

  8. M. Night’s wife is so pretty, I’ve never seen her before. And what in the world is with that Rebecca lady’s draping? Sanjay should know better than that! lol

    I LOOOOVE Michelle. Her wearing a sari would have been a bit too OTT and cheesy for me, so I’m glad she just went with an Indian designer instead. Naeem Khan is certainly making a name for himself in the US.

  9. Mrs.Obama’s ..really? It could be a pretty material for some white house upholstery but for a dress? FAIL. Elegant & classy sari with string of pearls, Mrs. Singh gets my vote.

  10. Michelle Obama is NOT looking good. In fact,she’s looking bad.That thing she’s wearing is tackyy!
    Mrs and Mr Singh look great!
    And of course,how damn sexy is Brooks Perlin!? ;)

    • Thank you DressyDresser, I was feeling very awful thinking that I might be the one one who believes that the first lady looked bad! Hate those bangles especially!

      • I know a lot of people say that michelle obama looks like a man because they are rasicsts who’re trying to indicate that all black women are masculine

        Just to clarify, Im NOT a racist because a) I’m only a few shades lighter than Mrs O myself and b) I know a lot of black woman who I think are drop dead gorgeous

        I do love the dress and the jewellery thats been paired with it.

        It’s just err…I find Michelle way too masculine to be good looking and I highly doubt people would find her beautiful if she wasn’t smart, charismatic, refreshingly unpretencious and ofcourse, first lady.(ALL of which she undoubtedly is)

        PS: no offense anybody!!!

        I read an article in the Vogue India and it said (something along the lines of): maybe it’s just because I have Indian ideals of feminity or I’m too traditional but I think beautiful is more about softly curving bodies than toned musculature.

        Those are my thoughts exactly!!! Again, this is just my opinion,I’m not trying to be insulting

        • If you find Michelle way too masculine to be good looking, then you must feel the same about Kareena who has weird features but fair skin. Or Bipasha who has more muscles.

          At least Michelle has other attributes to compensate.

          • Like I said, she IS smart, charismatic and down to earth. I DO admire, I just don’t find her beautiful. I didnt mean to be insulting.

            I dont understand how Kareena looks masculine though, and she doesnt really have wierd features in my opinion

        • I too feel Michelle Obama looks masculine with toned arms and those cheek bones ….YET YET i find her beautiful ….for one reason : Till this date she has conducted herself so gracefully(well-mannered).
          She is articulate, smart and confident. Her toned arms, abs etc etc …the fact that she is promoting healthy living ….she has tried to set herself as a role model for women irrespective of color or race…
          So in my opinion …. a woman’s beauty necessarily doesn’t mean soft curvy bodies ….it is solely my opinion … the way a woman conducts herself at home or outside matters. You can have the most masculine face or body …but if you are smart, compassionate in your ways and outlook, you look beautiful …..
          bella desse …I respect your opinion and get your point of view.

          As far as Mrs. Obama’s attire …the fact that she wanted to dress Indian shows that she atleast tries to understand soemthing about Indian culture and she looked so happy in that attire. It may have looked garish with all that glitter but we should give her the credit that she still looked her best in an indian attire.
          And this is my opinion.

          • I do admire many of Mobama’s qualities and I also recognize that the ideals of beauty are changing, but like I said, maybe I’m too traditional, thats just the way I feel. I do get you point though.

          • A beautiful person is someone who is more than just physically appealing.. they have to have something else, soemthing special. Beauty is more than looks.. if you want to compliment someone on just their looks use the words pretty or gorgeous or stunning.. Michelle to you may not be pretty or gorgeous because you prefer a more “womanly” (softer) body, but you can’t deny that she is BEAUTIFUL (@belle desse).

            My opinion on her outfit… She looks soo stunning when I saw the short clip on CNN while sitting in Mcdonald’s I was like WHAT WOWWWWWWWWW!

          • @sharin:

            I already said that I found her intelligent and charismatic.
            Just to clarify, I was using the word beautiful in the physical sense which is not uncommon.

            There is no need to nitpick

  11. love love love bhavna’s sari!!!!! she looks so elegant and carries it off amazingly!!!
    and michelle obama looks amazing!!!!! she sure knows to pick her clothes! GORGEOUS!!!!!

  12. Michelle looks stunning. I was so thrilled that she selected Naeem Khan. Puts him in the limelight as well. (We all know his work well, but so many don’t, as I realized yesterday)

    Mrs.Singh is so elegant and dignified. I love her saree and pearls. I am always happy to see a person like Dr.Singh represent our country – he embodies what’s best of us.

    Supriya Jindal – so disappointing..

    Love Katie’s outfit. Bhavna is elegant. Rebecca’s drape seems off, but not bad for making an effort.

  13. how fabulous does the first lady look, man she has confidence. btw looooooove naeem khan and wish ppl wore his outfits more often. man she’s so glamorous !

  14. Reminded of the Fergie song GLAMOROUS after seeing Michelle Obama! She can carry that outfit well!! I don’t care who made it or whether they’re Indian or not, the point is the outfit looks good on her. HINT HINT Shilpa!

  15. Mrs Obama looked ravishing, she truly knows how to take the word “diversity” into action and to the next level! kudos to her. I also liked Bhavna Shyamalan’s saree. chic!

  16. Loved, Loved, Loved Michelle’s outfit. Gursharan Kaur, Bhavna Shymalan looked great. Loved Katie’s wrap/shawl. Agree that Rebecca Olson’s saree looked weired on her as if she was not sure wether to wear it Gujrati style or not – ended up looking messy. I thought Frieda, Dev and AR Rahman were also invited. Maybe I was mistaken.

    PS. also loved the menu which had an indian touch to it.

  17. I love Bhavna Shymalan’s sari, she looks classy. Mrs. Singh looks so decent! & I don’t agree for Michelle Obama–her dress is giving her oversized look.

  18. Looks like I’m in the minority here, but I like Katie’s wrap/coverup….just the right Indian + Amreekan touch. And LOVE the Bomkai saree of Mrs. Kaur – just wish it’d been in a non-black color.

  19. Bobby Jindal is dressed like a waiter. Whats with the satin cummerbund and the silly bow? Case of “over-coordination” with the partner?

  20. And while Dr. Gupta looks ok WHY bother to wear a tie that blends so much with the shirt that people have to search for it.. reminds me of an old Surf Ad Dhoondte rehe jaoge!

  21. Is Rebecca wearing a white petticoat? she should have had a local auntie get her dressed, if she wanted to wear a saree. It just looks sloppy all round.

  22. loved Mrs Singh … very elegant and sedate… and it didnt cost the tax payers an arm and a leg! ;)

    and its ironic that the non indians are making an effort yet the indians …(read jindals) … are not! ;) sad sad sad

    mrs gupta looks cute … but like going to a wedding

    michelle sure looks like a queen… she’s very regal…

  23. Loved Michelle Obama’s outfit.. gorgeous!
    Mrs Jindal.. now thats a disaster.. cant say anything good about those republicans..
    Mrs Singh could have done a better job..the oufit a little plain for the white house.
    But seeing India at such a prominent position is a matter of great pride..whoo hoo
    Shamalan’s wife knocked it out the park..

  24. Supriya Jindal showed a LOT of elegance and class for wearing a simple, classic black gown. Good taste! Why should you have to wear a sari? People don’t expect Michelle Obama to wear a sari, so why should Supriya be held to a different standard? The Jindals make me proud to be American!


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