Mehr In Harpers Bazaar India

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When Tarun Tahiliani considers you a muse, it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the editorial outfits seen on you is one of his creation. Spotted on Mehr, a Tarun Tahiliani creation from the Spring 2009 collection.

You can catch more of her shoot inside…

Update: The cover outfit is a Ferretti and the first black is a Chanel. Thanks ‘anoo’ and ‘mukulika’. Seems like the 2nd is too because those seem like Chanel beads on Ms. Jessia.


Mehr Jessia on Harpers Bazaar India, May 2009


mehr-bazaar-3.jpg mehr-bazaar-1.jpg




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  1. She has a very strong aura about her – mysterious, calm, peaceful, intelligent, sophisticated, etc etc. and I LOVE the light pistachio green on her.

  2. I am not digging the cover at all. With someone as ethereal as mehr, could they not have chosen a picture when she doesnt seem to be dipping towards a frown.
    And her cheat area looks weird, photoshop?
    The other pictures are beautiful.

  3. She is stunning and definitely has an aura about her. The pic on the cover is the worst pic of the bunch though, surprised about that choice.

  4. She is gorgeous and does look her age now.I have seen her on TV for award ceremonies in filmi world.Pictures are definitely photoshopped,but nonethe less great job by the technician .she/he was able to bring back the old times (read supermodel )in pictures

  5. Adit, I just laughed at your comment. You must have cheated and looked up her pictures from previous postings. These here are photo shoots-OF COURSE they are supposed to make the person in them look about 30 times better than they are in real life. She looks gorgeous here, it’s undeniable. And for those asking why she’s not smiling, well, it’s probably because she’s not as attractive when she smiles, lots of people are that way.

  6. ummm….I think Adit above needs to be reminded the rule again- everyone is entitled to their own back off buddy!

    That said , she looks Gorgeous….if she can carry off these clothes with such grace at this age, kudos to her! Like someone remarked earlier, “Timeless beauty!”

  7. the black outfit looks great on her, or maybe it’s just the styling. I used to think this lady was quite unattractive when she had short hair and that ‘just out of bed’ look but these days my opinion is changing – she looks nice..really nice!

  8. I can see why she was THE model back in the day! She look awesome and model like! I’m kinda tired of the actresses taking over the magazine too now! Let the models do their thing!!

  9. loll so Amit supports people like Malaika and Queenie who refuse to grow up, but not Mehr?? Mehr has such an elegant face!! its unquestionable! and such striking collarbones!! loveee all these pictures!!

  10. @k=:

    Haha! Sadly, people don’t seem to appreciate the concept of aging gracefully anymore. Mehr has this innate elegance that makes her so appealing, while other women of her age desperately cling on to their youth by dressing like hookers.

    I understand this is an elaborate photoshoot, but I wish Mehr would dress a little more like this in her public appearances. Her hair is lovely when it is brushed and has some product in it, and while she is a natural beauty, a bit of makeup makes her look so polished. I wish they would have chosen a different photo for the cover, though. That picture of Mehr in the black dress leaning against the window is absolutely gorgeous.

  11. I love Mehr. This photoshoot is the epitome of stylish and classy. This is a really great photoshoot, so hats of to everyone who worked on it, but even outside of it Mehr always looks great:)

  12. K – i think she meant it is so hot..maybe?

    hmm I am the only one who doesnt think shes that pretty..but she sure has flawless skin, and a great figure..and a gorgeous man!!

  13. @ kashish – okay, im even more confused now. Adit said “wow…about the comments – especially yours…because it is so not” … so he meant “because it is so hot” LOL what about my comment was “hot” ?? :P

  14. I think he meant that Mehr doesnt have that aura you wrote about in your comment ..
    really guy, its HER opinion, how about you give yours without shooting someone else down

  15. let me clarify….its not her beauty I am talking about, she is undeniably India’s most beautiful woman with innate style and is after all Tarun’s muse @K its about the calm,peaceful bit….models back then will tell you Mehr was nicknamed “hellraiser” back stage….so it shows how she is such a good model that she can show the exact opposite…has’nt changed by the way…know people who worked in production with her on “I See You” and they say the same!!!

    Not denying her the title of India’s first and in my opinion ONLY supermodel….

  16. @ simran – thanks :) and are you talking about me shooting someone else’s opinion down? :/ confusion, confusion lol

    @ Adit – gotcha! you got me wondering if I said something I shouldn’t have lol

  17. @ simran – nevermind, just noticed you said “guy” so its probably adit

    LOL I don’t know why I keep coming back in here to clarify stuff

  18. Dude i never got the hooplah around Mehr…I mean she looked pretty and alland also knew she was a model but I’m like what is so SPECIAL about her?? After i saw these pictures my opinion has forever been ALTERED!!!!! she looks absolutely FEIRCE!!!!!! HER bone structure is beautiful (even though I don;t really pay attention to that). THe way she poses is BEautiful…Her body angles and positions are AWESOME!! The dresses are gorgeous. Honestly..good job to the photographers…..and also to Mehr for posing sooooo beautifully.


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