Fab Or Drab?

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Mehr Jessia Rampal, with all of her appearances likes to keep her look nice and simple. Do you think her minimalist approach worked at a recent event? Tell us.


Mehr Jessia Rampal At Raajneeti Success Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • agree about the hair and makeup, wonder if she had tied her into a chic ponytail it would have looksed better. The makeup should defintely be better.

  1. i quite like it, but since it was a party, would have liked something a bit more glamorous may be :), but in my opinion the look is simple, elegant and the bare back added that something extra to the look, i would have like to wear it too, so its a fab for me :)

  2. I love the top. Would love it more without the strings on the sleeves!
    I really think she needs to experiment more with hair and makeup. She’s always dressed pretty well but looks so sleepy for some reason

  3. I like the top. I think Mehr is always understated with her makeup though and it’d be nice to see some oomph on her lovely face. She looks jaded in most of her pics, the spar is missing.

  4. I meant spark :). Also, I don’t know if makeup is what she needs, it might be some serious de-stressing. She looks sad.
    I think Mehr is very beautiful, more effortlessly gorgeous than most of the others but something is missing.

  5. I think she is on the fence for this 1.. altho she still manages to look gud. i quite like the top. not a fan of the back open for a loose fitting top like that. Victorian slwwvws r quite doin de rounds so kudos 2 her on that. may pulled back hair n a lil glitz glam wud hav bin betr keepin de occassion in mind.

    @emmie: there are stuff available in the market that dun hav a back-hold, dey jst cover up the front and r usually stick-ons according to my knowledge. dun think dey give mch support tho.

  6. even though the top is fab, and she manages to luk gud, there is something missing…!!

    maybe a pop of colour, the whole assemble makes her look, much older than what she actually might be

  7. She should stay away from skinny jeans and voluminous top combo- her upper body is longer than her legs! And this adds to the effect- not very appealing, if i may add! But yeah she looks great for her age and anyone else wonders how she looks so similar to Arjun Rampal?! They have the same deep set semi-closed eyes!

  8. People,

    I love this look… I mean, she makes quite a statement by itself. Less make up, simple and elegant clothes… she carries anything so effortlessly… She just shows, clothes are for her… she is not for them. I love her ease and chic style. To me, you need to be really confident to carry it. Props to her, for not following the rat race league and sticking to her personality.

    To me, she is awesome!


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