Miss ‘Meh’r

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I hated the white number on Ms. Jessia. The awkward length, the drawstring keyhole, well, just about everything. Cut to a few weeks later and Mehr fared a tad bit better in a camel colored jersey kaftan but I think the only reason she did so was because she put on a bit of makeup. Either way, neither look really was that impressive.

Is it too much to ask from Ms. Jessia for looks that make us go more “Oh! Mehr.” rather than just “Meh.”


Left: At Lakme Fashion Week Spring 2010
Right: At Collective Fashion Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. the camel color dress looks like a “borkha”.only a hizaab around the head is missing..
    n see the white dress.it seems like she didn’t wear anything inside.
    i wonder how she was a supermodel!!

  2. i dont like the look on the left at all. but the one on the rights really nice! i love the whole kafatn maxi with the beads look- very racheal zoe.

  3. Finally!!! Someone agrees with me! – i’ve always said in past posts that i don’t think Mehr looks that great or dresses that well… the way people keep going on about how beautiful she is – i mean, i just don’t find the ‘just out of bed and havent washed my face’ look… i think she has potential to do a lot better – one thing is a plus – she’s grown her hair back – the short really didn’t suit her.

  4. the kaftan look is great! the neck piece, the hair, the flowing robe- they all say effortless, comfortable, stylish and i am not interested in following the clone pack.

  5. ack, I think both looks are horrible
    I’m really not a fan of a matte face (just like I’m not a fan of a glossy lip- weird huh?) so I don’t like the makeup on the last pic. It’s stange and the hair makes her look like she’s had a bad facelift.

  6. the only thing I like about both appearnces are her sandals.. the rest (hair, outfit, makeup) are all just ewww… agree with ‘jalpari’… difficult to believe she was a supermodel, once upon a time…

  7. I only like the neckpiece in the 2nd photo. She seems to be saying very loudly, I do not care, else why would someone deliberately look so horrid


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