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Me&Ro is a New York based jewellery company that uses art and design to express human values and to not only add to one’s personal style but also to communicate the said style through its jewellery pieces. The general aesthetic of the line remains subtle and simple.

Buy The Bhakti Earrings Via Me&Ro
Buy The Abhaya Earrings Via Me&Ro

Brown Diamonds, Rubies, Multi-Color Sapphires, Rare Antique Tibetan Coral, Andalusite, Brazilian Opals, Semi-precious Turquoise, Lapis, Rutilated Quartz stones are some of the materials used, which all add to the charm of Me&Ro jewellery!

All of their stones are individually set by hand and all of their jewellery is either cast in silver, gold or platinum, and the best part is, they aren’t ever overtly bulky or heavy in weight or design but still retain the strength of beautifully crafted jewellery!

Buy The Bhagwad Gita Chain Via Me&Ro
Buy The Om Chain Via Me&Ro

While still on the expensive side, these pieces are unqiue, quirky and just a bit special!

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  1. Again, personally, there are way way way over priced. And I am not really sure why ?
    You could get the same made in India for much less.
    Besides I dont think I am a fan of wearing earrings/necklaces with stuff engraved.
    I mean its just like I find it weird when ppl wear necklaces of their names.

  2. Over priced but oh so fun! While wearing names is tacky (though for a while, “carrie” made it a fad)..not all that is engraved is tacky! But hey, the best part of fashion is, its so subjective!!


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