All Dolled Up

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First it was the puppets and now, its the dolls!

The May issue of Grazia India in addition to featuring a gorgeous Shilpa on the cover also had several designers create miniature outfits to be worn by dolls…

Got a favorite?


Turmeric sequin ball gown and gloves, Lecoanet and Hemant


Left: Jumpsuit, Raakesh Agarvwal; Bubble-Hem dress, Sitara By Manjaree; Bambino-print Maxi, Kallol Datta
Right: Bubble-Hem dress, Sitara By Manjaree


Left: Ombre Pleated Gown, Nachiket Barve
Right: Ruched Dress With Circuitry sleeve, Prashant Verma


Left: Lame Origame Gown, Varun Sardana; Lime one-shouldered maxi, Gauri and Nainika
Right: Ball gown with rosette train, Preeti Chandra


Left: Sheer Knotted Dresses, Anuj Sharma
Right: Tie-Dye Sleeveless jacket and top, satin pants, Savio Jon


Left: Sequin strapless dress, Namrata Joshipura
Right: Textured prom dress, Alpana and Neeraj

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  1. ummmm….this is kinda silly looking. actually, really silly looking. reminds me of the cheap dolls my relatives used to buy me when i’d visit india back in the day, when india hadn’t yet gone global.

  2. The clothes themselves aren’t pieces I’d wear myself but they’re all my favorite because I WISH my dolls had clothes like this back in the day! Shoot! ;-)

  3. I agree the clothes indeed look tacky, but its a cute idea and its been shot ok id give the whole thing a 6 on 10

  4. Lol. Does Rakesh Agarval make anything but jumpsuits? Like the Nachiket one though, but that is simply because I’m addicted to ombre

  5. The outfits look kinda drab. Could have been shot more tastefully…
    Although I must admit, that lime green number is so classic Gauri Nainika. I haven’t seen them around in ages! Where are they?!

  6. oh myyyyyy.. this is doll heaven!!:) loveee the ombre dress… so so gorgeous.. and that G&N dress.. havent we seen it before.. having said that.. must be soo difficult to design in these proportions!

  7. this is cute !!!!…..
    but none of the dresses have the fabric fine enough to be worn by these iny dolls… somehow all of them look like the orddinary dolls’ dresses we see in the store… they might have made it more fitted and more softer and finer material… so that it could actually look like a real designer dress on them

    But I sure love the teeny tiny shoes on all of them kinda cute..

  8. I don’t mind this whole thing but I wouldn’t easily warm upto dolls with the red lips and high brows .. look kinda mean :)

  9. Bubble Hem dress by to be a little biased here :)
    I also like the styling around alpana and neeraj’s little outfit

  10. nice stuff…nothing grandmother would make better clothes for my dolls:P
    and those barbies,they look so meany weany like they would smack your child with a tote.

  11. Really like the green gown with the flowers. Must have been a tough one to make in this size. Also like the Prashant one…..such attention to detail

  12. love the maxi by kallol dutta if i had to pick one to be made into a full dress for me
    on the dolls i like the preeti chandra gown
    def stands out

  13. Awww this is tooo cute! The outfits are super cute, I love the ombre pleated gown…hehe I like how the dress is displayed on the doll. I actually like all the dresses, they’re really cute and creative

    But what’s with the mean looking dolls? They look like they’re going to karate chop me with their rigid arms

  14. To all the nice comments about my doll collection and my photography a big big thank you. To all others, please note the ffollowing before judging things too harsh:
    1. The incredible Indiand designers did not have the dolls available firsthand to fit the clothes, they had to use a basic pattern to do it. So the work they have done is indeed incredible. Some of the outfists had such a detail on them that I have never seen in doll outfits.
    2. The dolls are just dolls. So rigid hands or not, they simply cannot pose or move like humans do.
    3. If they loook mean it is because they are not Barbie cute dolls but fashion dols, made and sold to a very specific target group. They have to look like models, hence the make up and the pouts and the severe looks.
    4. A big thanks to Nandini Bhalla, the Grazia editor who co-ordinated all this, her work was amazing. Getting the designers to make all this stuff and then sending it out to Greece for me to shoot and have this final result was not easy.
    5. Shooting dolls 12″ or 16″ tall in fashion clothes is not an easy thing to do. Just try it and let me know how it goes. I have been doing it for some time now and believe me, it is not easy.
    For all of you who like the result, check my blog for more. Thanks again to Grazia for this unique opportunity and thanks to High Heel Confidential for featuring this online.

  15. Oh and to “why not” – I ahd never seen the Marie Claire shoot as i never buy it. Plus the puppets are nothing like fashion dolls. End of story.


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